Sunday, September 6, 2020

Visitors, Bad Cars, Good People, And A Heatwave

Samson and Faith were surprised to find two large visitors in their very own backyard. 

Much barking ensued, but did no good because these horses' owner, my neighbor Bob, is a true horse whisperer. His horses and calm, they don't panic, they take treats better than your average dog. 

Bob lets them walk around free for part of the day, usually they go down to Joyce's gate, down the hill. I don't think they have ever been over here, sort of coming in on the back road. Even though I live very close to them. 

I called Bob and he came and got them. By got them, I mean he said let's go home and they just followed him. The only one he walks on a lead is the pony, who was rescued by Bob. It probably takes forever for an abused horse to recover. They are such sensitive animals. But I know Pony is very fortunate to have ended up with Bob, who takes such good care of her and so fully understands what she has to tell him. 

Worth noting, it will be 100 in town tomorrow and a few degrees hotter here in the canyon. But if you look to Wednesday you can actually spot an eight. It says 82 degrees on my Kindle Fire, Weather by Watson and the Weather Channel. (I hope I got that right.) 

Other than that, I've been a bit under the weather for the last ten days or so. But then larger problems arrived and so of course I had to get better. Half well at least. 

Both my cars broke down. At the same time! And I needed medicine from Walmart pharmacy. 

The Jeep with a flat tire and an iffy battery. Worse, the Honda lit up like a Christmas tree when I started it up to go and pick up my BP medicine. 

I figured if the Honda was going to be sick, I better get the Jeep going, so I called AAA. The guy put the spare tire on. It still has to go to the shop to get the flat which has a big nail in it, fixed. 

He took a look at the Honda, had no idea, and said that had to count as another service call. This happened on the 4th and my new AAA year began on the 3rd. Of this month. Talk about luck.

Mark came with his diagnostic tool and I checked the code online and it's something with a sensor for the water. So it will have to go to the shop eventually. 

Mark will take the Jeep to the Tire Store in town on Wednesday. I don't want to go because of covid-19. He's so helpful and charges so little, sometimes as little as nothing. 

And before he left yesterday, he managed to pick up all the metal left from the shed he and Ronica emptied for me a long time ago now. They used Joyce's tractor to crush it and make a pile of metal of it, and it has just sat to the side of my front yard since then. Not a problem for me, but clearly he wanted it out of here. It was so hot, but he persevered and got it done. 

Sometimes I feel so alone here, but clearly I am not.

This coyote pup has discovered the joy of eating juniper berries. She comes by most evenings. And is so adorable. I'm not sure it's a she, it just looks like a girl. A brave girl with no pack behind her. 

A lot of juveniles have come by, like a pack of their own, about six of them. This is the only one that comes alone. 

Samson guarding. He does not like any intruders, no matter how cute they are. 

The coyote has figured out that he's behind bars and continues to eat her berries. 

Meanwhile, Faith does what dogs do best, at least in the heat. Sorry about my slipper getting in the picture. 


  1. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of your existence in the canyon.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Hi Inger - sorry you've been feeling 'frot' recently ... I do hope you feel better soon, more better soon ... love seeing the pups and seeing Samson and Faith. I noticed that heat ... must be too terrible - I couldn't cope I know. I hope the cars get fixed and it's all not too expensive. All the very best - Hilary

  3. Never a dull moment. I like your neighbor stories and how in tune you are with their animal care.

    That's a heart stopping moment to have both vehicles out of commission when you need vital meds. Or when you might need to evacuate. You'll be glad when they're both roadworthy again, I expect.

  4. no sure where my post went, but will do it again. it was a long one and can't remember it now. but i do remember saying Faith looks like big and he hides his head under the bed like this. love those horses and the fact they follow him like dogs and that he is kind to them. also love your big Samson the guard dog... love those coyotes to.. i think comments will come in later.

  5. Goodness who would think two cars could quit at the same time. Glad you got one going anyway.
    Bob must be a cool guy to be so gentle with the horses. Love that.
    Now I am feeling sorry for that coyote pup. Isn't it unusual for them to be alone? I thought they were pack animals. OK, I just Googled them and that is not unusual. Still, wish he had a friend.

  6. wow that sure is hot. I hope your cars get sorted. I love that the horses came to visit.

  7. That little coyote pup is just the cutest little girl! lol Have you read the book The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss? I am listening to the audio book that I checked out online from the library and it is SO good! I bet you would like it too!

  8. I replied, entered it and it vanished! Anyway I was saying nice things about your animal loving friends, and mean things about cars that let you down at critical moments. I'm glad you can get help.

  9. what a wonderful little slice of your life.
    car trouble always seems to happen at the worst times.
    when one actually NEEDS the car to be running and well!
    and yes. that little coyote pup is adorable! she looks healthy too. xoxo

  10. Friends are such an important part of all our lives, and for both your vehicles to break down, not good at all, and to have a " Fix-it" man come to help was the best, and then the horses that just follow on home, amazing. TOO HOT for me, hope it does cool to Wednesday's 8???

  11. Mark is an absolute gem! If more people were like him, the world would be a better place. Wonder why that coyote is not with the pack? I guess there is always one outlayer.

  12. I took the Jeep to Walmart and it worked out OK. I got my medicine, which was the main thing I needed a car for. The spare tire is smaller than the others, but not a lot so no problem.

  13. I love horses and I think your neighbor Bob's horses have a nice life, able to roam a bit. The black and white photo looks a bit like the old west with the horses and desert. I hope your two vehicles are behaving and taking you where you want to go.

  14. How nice to have horse visitors!!
    Too bad about your vehicles. Hope they get fixed soon.
    We heard the coyotes howling last night. They make such an eerie sound!

  15. i am so happy for you that you have people around to help you. Hope everything works out with the cars.


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