Friday, September 25, 2020

A Memory Of Errol And Me, 2015


September 25th, Errol's birthday. He would have been 74. 

I thought back on the last really lovely day we had together, at the end of January 2015. Doctor's appointment at UCLA for Errol, then a visit with our dentist in Westwood. Afterwards we walked, hand in hand, through Westwood village, where UCLA is located. 

We came upon a Farmer's Market, browsed the stalls, maybe bought some fresh veggies, I don't remember. What I do remember is everyone smiling when they saw us. It's a lovely memory, people smiling, us walking, browsing, and so not knowing what would soon come our way. A few months later, Errol was gone, I was alone.

Somehow my life went on in a good way with my dogs, my friends, new things to learn and participate in.

Even when 202o came with the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic, isolating in place, and feeling more vulnerable than I ever have before, I have not been unhappy. 

I feel terrible about all the lives lost, about the politics, the mismanagement, the confusion, and all those things. But on a personal level, I'm doing fairly well. 

Of course I miss Errol, but by now I can remember him with a smile: his ways, his cooking, his huge veggie garden, all the dogs he saved and loved so, his love for me.

Errol lived his life with his arms open wide. 

Loved by so many.

Loved so very much by me.


  1. That was beautiful, Inger. I am picturing you writing this and choosing this memory. As time goes by, the pain softens and the reminiscences of these sweet and fun times gives us peace.

  2. That's a fine tribute to Errol! Your fond memories of him strenghten you, and help you handle your present life in the best way possible.

  3. I have stopped both my blog for a few days and I'm not going to be reading blogs but I saw this and I wanted to say to you but I'm so glad that we are friends and that my heart hurts with your heart and I'm so glad you have these fond memory to look back on. I'm glad to know that you are thriving and getting through life without your partner. Hugs and love

  4. This is a lovely tribute to a beloved partner. Sad day, but you've found strength to continue.

  5. It is a wonderful time when memories bring not tears but warm smiles. Sounds like he sent you a hug.

  6. I am so sorry, it was not that long ago. But how wonderful that you have peace!

  7. Olá, bom dia. Eu estou fazendo uma campanha para arrecadar fundos para voltar para minha terra. Porque estou com problema de saúde e gostaria de ficar perto da minha família. Desde já agradeço! muito obrigada... E se você puder colaborar clique no link abaixo:

  8. Focusing on a wonderful memory, a special day. not knowing what was ahead, and your strength now as you live with your loving companions, new friends out here and older ones, life's restrictions, you can look back, and then forward with assurance and love.

  9. "Errol lived his life with his arms open wide."

    What a wonderful way to be remembered.

  10. He lived his life with his arms wide open. That is a beautiful tribute and he was obviously a warm and welcoming man. How good to think of that happy day when you were innocent of knowing what the future held.

  11. Thanks you for sharing your beautiful memory with us.


  12. Sandi said it perfectly for my comment too...
    "Errol lived his life with his arms open wide."
    you couldn't have chosen a more lovely tribute to him!
    bless you Inger. xo

  13. that is a beautiful tribute. You were both fortunate to have each other.

  14. Dear Inger - I came and commented ... but the net went down ... too much wind!

    You had a true love … and Errol had a special way with people, for you and for your dogs … as you say he lived with his arms wide open. Beautiful memory of that last really lovely day you so emotionally describe - for you and for us.

    It’s good to know you’re coping and you do seem to have wonderful, helpful friends around you … as too Errol’s relatives … who are there for you

    Lovely to have the dogs caring for you too … and as you say life does go on – and there’s always something interesting to take in and appreciate.

    You had/have the most happy life together … and did so much – explored all over … sun, sea, sand, wildlife … and beloved pets … while as you say loved by you … just good to know you’re coping. Take care and with thoughts – from a windy blustery south coast! Love and hugs Hilary xoxox

  15. What beautiful memories! I'm glad you can remember them with a smile and are happy. Your Errol sounds like a wonderful man!

  16. has it been that long! wow. Loved reading your memory and also really like finding out that you are okay and though you miss him they are good memories.

  17. Fint minne Inger och fint skrivit. Vemodigt och vackert på samma gång. Tråkigt att hans liv inte fick bli lite längre så att ni kunder njuta av pensioneringen ihop lite längre. Lev väl !
    Hälsningar Lasse

  18. What a sweet memory. I'm glad that you have the memories and the love in your heart.


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