Saturday, May 23, 2020

Highlights Of My Week - Are

A trip to the post office to pick up my mail and another to the Disposal Site (as the sign I passed today said) AKA the Dump!

On my way to town, I passed field after field of yellow flowers or as I call them in my yard - weeds.

 No matter what you call them, they were so lovely I had to stop and take some pictures.

On my way back home, I had a fun experience while stopped at the railroad crossing - two trains passed each other right there, one going west, the other east. Hooting at each other as they passed. I enjoyed myself taking pictures while waiting for the trains to pass. 

This railroad crossing is located by the cement plant. One cold and windy January day a couple of years ago, our CERT leaders made arrangements for us, the team members, to tour the plant. We were all the way up in that building you see to the far left. We actually toured most of the plant and listened to a lecture of how cement is processed there.

When I arrived back home and parked the car, these deep green plants surrounding the red rock caught my eye. I see this arrangement every day, of course, without paying much attention to it. Today I thought it looked pretty so I took a picture. 

Then, before I went inside, I took a picture of the tall weeds that will be cut back soon. The picture didn't come out well so I tried to fix it up a bit, without much success. These weeds are really, really tall and, as you can see, drying up and turning brown. 

Photo bomber Samson

Retriever Faith with her ever present ball - until she loses it. Usually under the couch, making her mommy crawl on all fours retrieving it for her.


  1. Hi Inger - lovely views of your Desert Canyon ... and fascinating to see the signs out and about. Love your trains - I enjoyed seeing them when I was up in Canada - the length and hugeness of them and the engines ...and yes here the trains (used to!) cross at the level crossings - good timing: though can't get much enthusiasm for watching them!

    I remember your weeds and the need to have them chopped before June comes ... take care and continue to be peaceful - all the best - Hilary

  2. before i forget, about the orange ball under sofa/chairs. I use a broom, the handle. i bend from the waste and run it under and bat it out. no down on the knees, i just can't do it.
    love the green by the rock and i always feel good when something i see daily just pops out and i wonder why. the sun and light i think highlights it. I LOVE the kissing trains. I would have done the same thing, entertain myself taking pics. i do it at traffic signals and i people watch.

  3. I like when I get stopped at railroad tracks, especially if I'm in the front and can hear the train whistle blowing really loud! Lovely pictures of green and yellow flowers and red rock!

  4. Those trains look like they are going to hit head on. That red rock is really unique and the green really sets it off.

  5. Lovely road trip in completely different colors than our greens. And the huge trains, so different.

  6. What a fun train stop! I have never seen two at once. I love the pink rock, probably the minerals in it cause the color. I like your pretty container of rocks, too!

  7. Everything looks so wonderful up there, the trains, when I was a young child we had to drive about 30 minutes to the nearest town for shopping. On the way we drove over a railway track, and I cannot remember ever seeing a train passing by.

  8. Weeds and wildflowers can have the prettiest flowers! Love seeing the two trains too. I still get a kick out of seeing a I am a little girl again or a young mother with 4 little boys! Have a good weekend! Keep that ball handy to play!

  9. Neat to see the two trains pass by like that.
    I think wild flowers are some of the prettiest around.
    Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photos.

  10. I am So Happy to Hear from you . . AND - to visit YOUR Lovely part of the world.
    Thank you for sharing . . . -g-

  11. can never get enough of Faith and her ball…
    AND little sleepy Photo Bomber Samson! XOXO

  12. They may be weeds, but they are also beautiful! 😊

  13. loved all the photos and your descriptions of what you saw but my very very favorite of all is something that is one of my favorites when I am out driving - trains trains trains!! this is a wonderful composition. I use to purposely look for train tracks in such places as Redlands, Mormon rocks up the 15 and turning to go to Wrightwood (where I use to have a cabin).... just to photograph the trains! Love that photo you posted.

  14. also - on the way to Helendale there is a cement plant like the one you toured - and I use to always take photos of it when driving by. Near where the plant is, not too far away is a restaurant with a cow up on top of the building. I am curious now to see if I can find the photos.

  15. I love reading about what makes you happy. You have a very appreciative soul.
    I love flowers and when I drive along the highway, I'm always tempted to stop to get a closer look at the pretty flowers that grows along the side of the road but I resist the temptations.

    I'm wondering what kind of stone is that red stone. From the picture it looks like it is a porous rock. Maybe a lave rock?

    Hugs, Julia

  16. Your drives are always entertaining.
    We lived in Victorville for 7 years, where our children were born. We drove out to Helendale on our way to Silver Lakes ? where John's folks lived. That cement plant! I remember it well.
    Wild flowers are as beautiful as any other.


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