Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Country Morning

I took a selfie the other day to send to Joyce to show her how nice her Christmas present shirt looks. It came out a bit fuzzy, but at my age, that's not a problem. 

Samson has stomach problems often and he's getting old, so when he does number 2, he sort of walks around and it drips. Mark put up this barrier between the dog run and where I sit on my patio and my space has been clean ever since. 

I always loved to sit in this chair on Joyce's veranda, so one day she just gave it to me. Months later, I after I told her how nice my space on the patio is turning out, I mentioned that all I need now is a little table. So, yes, she had one she didn't need and insisted I take it. 

I feel so blessed to have a neighbor like Joyce, helpers like Mark and Ronica, and friends here in the canyon, like Jeanne, who this past week called in a large order of a lot of veggies, fruit, and berries and some other things to one of our grocery stores and then picked it up and delivered it to me

I thought my table needed something on it that the dogs couldn't knock off and break. So I decorated with some rocks. I love to sit out here and have my morning coffee. Afternoon coffee too, fika, as we call it in Sweden. Maybe I should say "they" call it, since I haven't been there for 15 years now.

When Samson comes over to get petted or to interact with me, there's Faith in-between. She rushes over at top speed and muscles her way to get closest to me. This never fails. It's just the kind of dog she is, I've never known another one like her. Lucky for her that Samson is such a kind and patient dog.

Yesterday morning, I drove up to Joyce's barnyard to see the new baby calf. The calf and her mom were in one of the barn-sheds. So I didn't see her. Instead two of the horses came over, looking for a treat. I didn't have any treats, just a lot of pets on their pretty faces and soft muzzles. 

While I was talking to Joyce, her herd showed up and began to work on the weeds in front of her house.

This is the big bull, papa to all the young ones. Except one, which we believe was fathered by the Guernsey bull. Her milk is so different from these, American Milking Devon cows, so much richer and creamier. 

When I came home, I saw something in my lilac bush and drove over to check it out. And there were blooms. This bush didn't bloom at all during the five or six years of our drought. Then, last year, it did and now it's blooming again. I quickly picked a few branches with flowers and drove back up to Joyce's place and gave them to her. 

In my kitchen I was greeted by a cute little house finch sitting outside my window for the longest time, looking straight back at me. They come back every year and I love to listen to them twittering away, happily.


  1. Hi Inger - love the photo of you ... and yes the blue does suit you. What a great friend Joyce is being ... chair and table - the rocks are delightful; then the others that are being so helpful. The dogs are so supportive - while the horses ... gorgeous, and then the herd and its boss! Lots of lovely little stories here which are fun to read - all the best - Hilary

  2. Lovely shirt! Its colors rmatch well your hair and complexion.
    Good neighbors and friends are priceless!

  3. I noticed that Faith's nose matches the color of your shirt. The blue is reflected on her shiny nose. Such a beautiful dog. Blue does look good on you with your white hair.

    Having a herd of cows to mow the lawn is an eco friendly alternative to mowing it mechanically. You are blessed indeed to have good neighbours who care so much about you.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. It's nice to have a place to sit outside. Like your bowl of rocks and you look pretty in your nice shirt. Take care and have a good Sunday!

  5. Wish all my hair was your lovely color. Mine is in front but the back is mouse grey. You really have such thoughtful friends but I am sure they are only responding to how you also give. Lilacs for instance.

  6. Lovely blues , a super shirt, my hair is the same colour, just a little shorter, ( So I like blues too) and the table and chair outside, perfect for that coffee.Do you have instant??? or plunger or espresso? I have so missed what I call Cafe Coffee, and am tempted to get an espresso machine for our home. Just a small one cup model would suit , who knows, in July that birthday is looming, and we should surely be able to visit a shop by then. Meantime grocery shopping online has to be the new normal. XXX

  7. That looks like a very comfy shirt and a nice place to sit and have coffee. Have a good week!

  8. Pretty color shirt!!
    It is sure a blessing to have good neighbors. Yours sound are very thoughtful and kind!!

  9. That's a lovely photo of you Inger - you're lucky to have such good neighbours. Great photos x

  10. I love that Lilac bush. Their blooms are so fragrant. Most years, I pick a few in town and put them in water in our house. Not this year, since I haven't been to town since early March.

    Your patio looks like a very relaxing spot to sit for coffee. Joyce is wonderful.

  11. Wow you have great neighbors and all that wildlife around you. I imagine it's wonderful sitting outside on your patio with the views all around. I always love your dog stories. We have a wild lilac tree that is blooming so pretty right now.

  12. this wonderful post is a fresh breath of spring air! I love the blue plaid in your shirt.
    it's cooling... and the perfect spot for morning coffee! and fika! :D
    that little table is exactly like mine. I have three of them. just like that. and I love them. they're easy for me to move around. I use them INSIDE for my coffee... and also sometimes as a footstool. I have three round ones just like them that are a bit larger too. I don't have overstuffed furniture... just white wicker. it's kinder to my back. and the little tables are wonderful with the wicker.
    your neighbors are so nice. and I love the pictures of the horses. PROOF that a gentle petting on their soft velvety noses that it's as good as a treat any day. they just want to say "hello! we're here! how's your day?"
    and last but certainly not least... darling little Faith and sweet patient Samson.
    I could just hug them both.
    your life is good! and your hair looks wonderful! did you cut it a bit?
    oh my. another comment chock full of exclamation points. I don't dare count them. LOL!


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