Monday, May 11, 2020

How Are We And What Are We Doing

to amuse ourselves, me and my dogs?

I've been taking some pictures. I particularly like this one and would like to make it the header picture on this blog. 

But since I can't figure out how to do that on this Chrome Book....

I did it before, I posted the one that's up there now, but I forget how I did it. 

My Chrome book doesn't work well for me as far as my photographs go. Other than that, I really like it. 

We are doing well, I'm down to my last roll of toilet paper, but I have a lot of tissues, so should be OK. If my septic tank can handle them. TP, at an inflated price, is supposed to be on its way from Amazon, but has been delayed. Or has it? I've ordered so much stuff recently, I can't keep track. 

A big box of oatmeal arrived yesterday from Amazon. I must have ordered it a long time ago. And lost track of the fact it hadn't arrived yet. So a nice surprise.

My rationing of many common household items it going well. I'm enjoying the challenge. 

I finished another challenge too. An 800-plus biography of Frederick Douglass. I will admit to cheating a bit -- in the way too boring parts of the book. A lot of it was interesting, just a bit too long for me. 

 I picked a small bouquet from my lilac bush. 

The annual weeds have gone ballistic in my yard. They are much higher than this now. And drying out. Mark is coming this week to cut them down, borrowing Joyce's tractor. The weeds must be gone by by June 1. By law, or you get fined. This is to reduce the fire risk, so I'm anxious to get it done.

Because of the tall weeds and one rattlesnake visit already, Faith is missing her ball runs. She has her Northern Pacific rattlesnake vaccine, which will be fully effective in a week. I tell her that after uncle Mark cuts the weeds, we will play again. Not sure she believes me. 

We've been on a few walks, not nearly enough for our health. 

After Jeanne got so many veggies for me, I spent a morning making smoothies. So at least I have done something good for my health. I sent this picture to Kathy, my dietitian, who has also become a friend. She was delighted!

Full alert! Big critters in the yard!

The grass is always greener says Joyce's herd, and we love the shade under your trees. 

I'm so saddened by all the illness and all the deaths caused by covid-19. I know we all are. I never thought I would live to see something as devastating as this virus. 

I have been coloring more and it helps to calm me. I've also watched the entire BBC TV series, from about 10 years ago, that I love and bought on DVD, called Lark Rise to Candleford. It's set in Oxfordshire, England around 1895 or so. I find it calming as well. 

My Type 1 diabetes does not exactly help me to be a calm person, with both sugar levels and insulin levels going this way and that, up and down, in the most unexpected ways some days. 

So I need to provide for myself all the help I can to keep calm, be happy and at peace. By now, I'm pretty good at it.

I hope all you moms had a great Mother's Day. Belated greetings for it. 


  1. I have never heard of rattlesnake vaccine! How does it work? Does that mean you could just get bit and not see any effects?

  2. all of your photos are gorgeous, and either the one of your house or the first one would be a perfect header. will send diretions in email... so glad Faith got her shots, and even though i love the view of the weeds i know it is necessary to cut them... stay safe from critters and COWS ha ha... Samson looks like a fluff ball and Faith looks like Big's sister. glad to see your beautiful photos pop up.... i have always said This to shall pass, but I am afraid this virus and the damage it has created is not going to pass for many years. have you tried senior hour at WM for TP... that is the only time I can find it on the shelf. and it goes fast, have to stand in line to await the opening of the store. first thing gone is TP. i am with you on the orders. we got two boxes yesterday, one from ups and one fed x and bob said each time what is this? i said i dont' know until i open it

  3. I'm glad that you have ways of making the time pass relaxingly with taking photos and all the little things that can make you feel good. The rattle snakes would make me very nervous. I'm glad the dogs are vaccinated and soon will be able to run freely once the weeds are cut down.

    The smoothies looks very nutritious and your coloring is perfection and so appropriate for Mother's Day.

    Stay safe and healthy.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Loved the big critters in your yard and the crowding under the tree. I find watching cows to be relaxing.
    I didn't realize there was a vaccine for rattlesnake bite. Good to know and must give you peace of mind for your dogs.
    Keep staying safe.

  5. I read Lark Rise to Candleford a while back, partly to find out what the title meant! I had some great philosophical notion about it, and was amused at how literal it really was. It's a treasure of country lore and traditional ways, many now gone. I can see that it would be a quiet narrative, calming, no shocks. I haven't seen the televised version, maybe I should.

  6. Hi Inger – love the photos … and don’t worry – you’ll remember how to change the header, and also get around the Chrome book challenges. I do hope Amazon delivers fairly soon (preferably very soon) … yes it’s good to see what one can use to use things up and to minimise the need for replenishment.

    Love the lilac … gorgeous … more importantly – I’m glad Faith will be safe soon … those rattlers are ‘nasty’ … while the huge critters are a delight to see … good manure too?!?!

    Well done on your smoothies – they look good and I’m so pleased to read you’re quietly managing. I bet that Frederick Douglass book was pretty amazing … really informative – even if one feels it necessary to skip a bit. I’ve just done that on reading two Philippa Gregory books on the Tradescants – gardeners in the 1600s … the younger who visited the States for the first time.

    So pleased to see the post – take care and stay safe – all the best Hilary

    1. Hi Inger - we've just had Professor Paula Giddings talk on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour - about her book on Ida B Wells - who I see was known to Frederick Douglass ... as I just looked Ida up on Wikipedia (and there's a quote from a letter between them). Small world ... Giddings is determined to get Ida's name out into the world ... maybe her book would be worth looking at - "Ida: A Sword Among Lions" She sounds formidable ...

      I've been listening to the radio more ... now I don't have classes to go to - but get deviated from what I should be doing!! With hugs - Hilary

  7. I love that beautiful heart pattern you colored. Well done! Thanks for sharing the photos outside and the animals that come to visit and eat the tall weeds and grasses. The photos show how isolated it seems you are and it's wonderful that you have your dog kids around. My wild lilac bush/tree are just about finished with their blooms - the blooms are fading and turning brown and will flutter off in the wind now. take care and if I lived closer I would bring you an 8 pack of toilet paper. I can't find any up here in the mountains as they are always sold out even though it's limited to just one pack. But, when we go down the mountain, Winco, Food for Less always seems to have it.

  8. The first picture is so good, it has a wonderful view of the mountains. You sure have a talent for coloring! I do not, it would probably frustrate me. your lilacs are beautiful! Oh, I'm so sorry you have no toilet paper!!

  9. Oh I love Candleford. A great show.
    Pretty picture you colored.
    Nice to see all the beautiful pictures.

  10. My daughter loves to color and she finds it very soothing. Glad to hear you are well. I have also been ordering things from Amazon. Often easier to get things there than from a grocery store.

  11. You sure are good at being calm, peaceful and happy. That's a gift.

    I have had the same deal with Amazon. Things take weeks and weeks to get here. Perhaps a neighbor could loan you a roll of TP until your arrives? We are on a septic system, and it is finicky. I do worry about the tissues but perhaps yours is more robust than ours.

    Keep having fun. That's the key to life. But you don't need me to tell you that!

  12. T Paper is the one thing that everyone wanted to stockpile, we have plenty,. and this week we will do an actual shop on Friday, our local supermarket is so particular about sanitising trolley handles and there is a pump bottle as we go in, and another as we leave. Love your open spaces, your new top photo and your colouring, that is so intricate and pretty.

  13. Interesting post. Your blog is very cool :)!
    I am following you and invite you to me

  14. I don't know why but when I see Faith with the ball in her mouth …
    I laugh every time!
    and when people tell me that cattle are "just fine" when the sun is beating down
    and there's no shade for them...
    and YET... they will ALWAYS lie in the shade if or when they can find it...
    I want to yell at those people who "THINK THEY KNOW" what cattle want!!!
    I've never understood that!
    stay well darling bean! XOXO

  15. Gosh I hope your TP arrives soon! It's ridiculous how hard it is to get.


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