Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Dogs Of My Life ~ Post No. 6 ~ Saschi

I heard this story from Errol and Glenn: 

Errol, Glenn and one or two other guys were on a lunch break somewhere in South Los Angeles, maybe not in the best of neighborhoods. Dogs can be found running loose there, sometimes strays, other times lost, or perhaps just let out by their owners to run around for a while. Tough dogs who know how to get back home.

As they drove down Figueroa Street, or some other wide street with several lanes of traffic, they noticed a dog making attempts to cross. A dangerous endeavor, so Errol stopped the van, got out and led the dog across the many lanes of traffic. 

Then they drove to some nearby burger place, got their food and sat in the van and ate with the sliding side door open. Suddenly, a familiar furry face appeared in the doorway. The same dog had somehow found them. She was thin, beat up, and very hungry. Of course she got some burger and later that day, Errol brought her home.

He named her something with a spin on South Central Los Angeles, I forget what, but it was shortened to Saschi. 

She turned out to be a lovely dog, independent, self-contained, self-reliant, and kind.

Saschi was a Siberian Husky and maybe something else as she was very large. She was injured when she came to us. She had probably been in a dog fight. She was also very thin and malnourished. After some vet care and some good food, Saschi was never thin again. 

She lived with us in Pasadena until we sold that house and moved to Errol's house in Los Angeles. She was about five years old when she arrived. She was a good and calm influence on our troubled Doberman, Sundance. 

Saschi was a sort of background dog, a dog who didn't make any demands on your time. She was healthy all of her long life, but got arthritis as she aged. Again, her breed was not ideal for city life, she needed to run, she needed cold air and I felt bad for her. But what she needed most of all was love and care and that she got. And you could tell she was grateful for it. She was such a kind and loving dog. 

She lived to be sixteen years old. She lived longer than any of our other dogs. Her arthritis got worse as she aged and one night she let out a horrible sound, like a scream. Her pain meds apparently didn't work. I looked at her and I knew. She was old, she was tired, she hurt from her arthritis. She gave me this look of I have lived a good life, I have loved and been loved, now I'm tired. 

I've never forgotten that look, she told me she was done. In the morning, I told Errol I would take her to our vet in Altadena and he helped me get her in the van. It was a long drive, I talked to her, told her how much I loved her, and what a very good dog she had always been. Saschi was the first dog I stayed with and held close as she left this life. This was my first time watching someone I loved die. I have never faltered since. 


  1. Hi Inger - what lovely memories you have of Saschi ... and letting us into her journey of life with you. Very touching - thank you ... just sad we have to lose them ... but you obviously really cared for her. All the best - Hilary

  2. This is a great tribute to a friend. Yes, animals can be kind. And all my pets have told me when it's time. They are wise about knowing their lifespan is done. I love that she came to a home where she would never be hungry and scared again.

  3. Sachi was a beautiful dog. A great story of how she came to stay with you and Errol. I like that she had a blue eye and a brown eye like Blue, my son's last dog. She is gone also but not forgotten. She kept the deers out of our garden for years but since she's gone, we've had problems with deers raiding our gardens at night, making gardening a bit of a challenge.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. what a beautiful story of how she was rescued by Errol - how she found her way to their van while they were eating. So glad you had her for many years and I know the feeling of staying with the dog while they put her to sleep. We have done that and it's bittersweet in a way, knowing they are leaving but also knowing they know you are with them as they go. Our Goldie after she died ..I know this is weird but.... we were in the family room that night and there was a bark in the house and our kitchen trash can was knocked over. from that point on we knew she was letting us know in her dog way her spirit was free and running around.

  5. It's hard to do but it's the last best thing you can do for a fur baby is stay with them and talk to them while they are leaving this life.

  6. i love this story and to me it had happily ever after and a happy ending. all dogs should be so lucky and live with loving humans that care enough to let them go when they need to.. beatuifl dog and story

  7. The most selfless ,kindest and most loving act of all in our lives when we have a dog or cat. And, as with our cats, they do tell us when it is time to go, in their eyes and face. A beautiful girl, and what a way to go and find Errol and then come home, a bit like a fairy tale story.....I, too, have held each of ours as they left, and I think that the husky/malamute breed do tend to have arthritis.

  8. A lovely story of a dog who left a mark on your heart.

  9. Once she found Errol she wasn't about to let him get away. Such a pretty dog and loved her smile. She lived a very long life for a large dog. Usually the larger the dog, the shorter the life span. You made her many years a pleasure and had the courage to give her release from pain.

  10. This is a truly heartwarming story. Errol has a heart of gold!! Such a sad ending, but you gave her a long and happy life. She was the one who found you, I think she somehow knew.

  11. You told us the story of Sachi in such a beautiful way.

  12. Oh that is so sad but she sure was loved!! :)
    I was with my dog Sammy when she died too. So sad but glad I was there with her.

  13. every rescue I have ever known has that special knowledge. it's amazing.
    bless Errol. tears here. but they're good tears.
    can't speak well when my heart is so full. but it's all been said.
    I've read every single comment as I always do. such wonderful people in your
    internet community.
    thank you for sharing the story of your beloved and never forgotten Saschi.


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