Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Train In The Rain And More

It's Thursday afternoon here in California and I've been feeling a bit down. More about that later. This morning, thunder rolled around the mountains. I had to go to Walmart to pick up some groceries and Samson's eye drops. By the time I left, it was raining. First rain since the spring. Much needed, much grateful for it and for my windshield wipers working as they should. 

Samson is scared of thunder. Not panicking, but not comfortable and I didn't like to leave him, but somehow I knew he would be OK. He's not an easily frightened dog, it's more that he doesn't like noise. Faith is not bothered at all. Labs must have both guns and balls, replacing the birds they're supposed to retrieve, etched in their DNA.

You know I'm always happy when I get a train. Just so I can take a few pictures. And I love them, I really do. The trains I mean. It's fun to take a picture through your side mirror and see the rear of the train pulling up. 

Before I left Walmart, I took this picture of the dark clouds. I haven't seen a good cloud cover for months now, so I just had to.

So after I got home, I was feeling a bit down. Mainly because I get so darned tired after I come home from town. I mean, these days I don't go shopping, I just sit there and wait for the people to come and load my groceries for me. Then I go to the post office and walk maybe 30 steps, get my mail, walk back another 30, get in my car and drive home. Once home I unload the groceries, not much this time, wipe them down, and put them away. Big deal. So, so tired, I'm getting on my own nerves.

I sleep in this room now because it faces north. I got this antique bed from my friend Lin when she moved to an assisted living place. One of the four posts has scratch marks from her cats, Siam and MeTo, gone for so many years now. As is Lin. 

So I sat in this bed in my other bedroom, feeling blah. Wondering why I'm not in my living room. The bed was not made, I hadn't slept in it, but for some reason it was not made up. There was a mess all around. Stuff in it, laptop, calendar, notebook, notepads, pens, and you get the picture. I hate piles of stuff. I hate even more when I feel too tired to deal with piles. 

What would make me happy, right now, I asked myself. To strip the bed, put on a bottom sheet only since I'm not sleeping in it, and then take out the quilt that I washed a while back and make up the bed. 

This I did and felt immediately so much better. I can now sit  in it, it looks nice and my much loved Purple Cottage picture is on the wall opposite, so I see it all the time.

I still wonder why I'm not in my living room. But I'll worry about that some other day.

Sorry to bother you with all this, but sometimes you just have to share. I have been here alone now since March after all.


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