Saturday, August 22, 2020

My Morning: Emergency Preparations ~ No Emergency Now

but with 500 fires in California, better be somewhat prepared than not. So glad for my not so pretty front yard, devoid of any flammable grass. But still, with our winds, we're not really safe. "But you do the best you can," said I to myself.

It was so smoky outside this morning that I turned on my TV early. I usually turn it on in the late afternoon to catch some news when I eat my dinner, but today I needed to know what was going on with all the smoke. 

It's truly heartbreaking to see. I think of all the animals. Then I try to not think of all the animals. None of it helps my heart. 

There were no new fires near here, but when I saw pictures of the fires up north some of my long-missing energy returned and I decided to check my fire evacuation suitcase and update it.

I worked on it all morning and feel pretty good about the end result. 

I still need to pack dog food, water for me and the dogs, buy some snack food for myself, get some cash and then I think we are all set. 

Oh no, my medical supplies! Can't leave home without them.

Unless it makes me sick, I usually don't much think about the fact that I have Type 1 diabetes, caring for it is all automatic. Going through and making sure I would have enough of everything was a bit daunting though. I assume that some supplies would be available in the event of a disaster. 

But my my insulin pump supplies would not be readily available and since I've had the pump now for over 20 years, I wouldn't be able to manage well without it. For one thing, I don't have the two different types of insulin I would need and not very many syringes. 

Stuff like that, so I made sure to pack what I felt would keep me safe.  

All in all a good morning. Much needed safety precautions taken care of. 

Have a nice rest of the weekend, take care and stay safe.


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