Saturday, August 15, 2020

Smoke, Heat, Hot Dog, Missing Tortoise, And A Thunder Storm

Not a happy sunset yesterday evening as the wind changed and smoke from the Lake Hughes fire descended on the canyon. 

The fire isn't close by, so we are safe from it. 

The heat is another thing. I stepped outside for a minute and looked at the thermometer. It's in the shade, but not 100% all day, so take away a degree or two. 

So I said to myself, lets step out in the sun to see what that feels like. I have been in hot weather before, so I just wanted to be reminded -- or act like a stupid Swede (as my countrymen of yore were called when other immigrants, from slicker nations, were able to cheat the more honest Swedes, or so the story went in the upper mid-west. Long ago.) 

Yore -- what? Can you tell I just finished reading this great book called The Adventure of English, The Biography of a Language, by Melvin Bragg? It tells the story of the origin of English and how the language grew and developed over the centuries to become the universal language it is today.

Back to the heat:

Believe me, I would not have survived long in the heat. I got dizzy immediately and turned around. 

I made the dogs come into the air conditioned bedroom where neither one likes to be. I had to close the door to make them stay. I worry about Samson and will pour a gallon of cold water from the fridge over him soon. 

He much prefers to lie on the slate tile in the entry hall, so I let him after I cool him off in the air conditioning.  The water works best, but makes a big mess since he has so much fur.  In the above picture he's resting under the fan in the dining area. This is where he likes to stay at night too, both a fan and an open window to the cool mountain night air. 

Faith tries to be a photo bomber in the above picture, but not at all as successful at this as Samson.

Since she always has to be in on everything, I'm posting her picture too. She looks like she's gained some weight to me, so I make sure she gets a good run in the mornings before it gets hot. 

Today, I drove the Jeep and let her run around, I told her "go find, go find." The reason for this was that Joyce texted me that her African tortoise had escaped. He has escaped before and it's amazing how fast that tortoise travels. 

When I tell Faith to "go find," she moves in circles, wider and winder circles to look for something. She probably thought it was her ball, but had she come upon the tortoise, I would have known of course. 

It's very interesting how she responds to this command, using data in her DNA somewhere. I've never taught her to widen her circles, it's just something she always knew how to do. And, believe me, she always finds her ball.

Sometimes, she does it in reverse, from a wide circle to a smaller one. I guess she has a fair idea of where the ball may be.

No such luck with Kenya, the tortoise. I so hope he is found. 

And now we are getting a thunder storm, right here over my house. This would be great if it comes with some rain, if not, dry lightning just adds to all the scary nature stuff right now.

I just went outside and it's raining, like crazy raining, raining. Oh, I'm so happy, you have no idea what a big rain like this means here in our hot and dusty canyon.

It rained so hard, the Jeep got clean. What a happy ending to this hot and miserable day. 


  1. I've been seeing on the news how brutal the heat is - I can only imagine how it feels to be outside in it. Stay cool my friend, and I hope that the rain when it passes helps to bring down the temps and not just the dust!

  2. Don't even test the heat! Take the thermometer's word for it. So sorry for the very fuzzy dog, trying to get cool.

  3. Stay inside, keep cool, keep calm if you can, and keep safe. the most important of all these days. Hugs from a very cool start to our day, minus 2Celsius.!!! Frost everywhere.

  4. Hi Inger - I've been thinking of you in your heat - and am glad you've got a good coping mechanism ... though the cold water on the floor after being deposited on Samson - must be messy for you to clear up - unless the dogs lick it up. Friends here have been putting wet cold towels on their dog - to help it through. Fortunately now our weather has cooled down - still mega thunderstorms around - not here at the moment. I can't take the heat any more - but it's not your heat ... so glad it rained for you ... take care - and look after yourselves ... and I hope Kenya is found soon ... Hilary xo

  5. Your day yesterday was kind of like a rollercoaster you had up moment's and down moments up moment's and down moments and then you had the final moment where the Jeep got cleaned without you having to wash it! Yippee ki-yay. Even with air conditioning big boy still loves the tile floor just like Samsung he spends the majority of his time laying flat of his stomach or on his side like faith is in this picture on the tile floor

  6. thank GOD for the rain! just to know you have a respite from the extreme heat.
    we're locked under a heat dome they like to call it. naming it that doesn't make it easier.
    just to have a blessedly CLOUDY day is a treat! Samson is not in his breed's element for sure. so glad you protect him.
    and I hope little Kenya is found. wonder why he keeps escaping? maybe he thinks he's in Africa and it's time to find a mate... or to migrate?
    so much mystery in nature.
    take care dear friend. and keep cool! XO

  7. Yikes, that is HOT. I am glad you are not in danger of that fire but the smoke can't be pleasant. Amen for the rain. Hope it cools you off and doesn't just make it humid. Stay safe.

  8. I envy you the rain! Hot here, too. No rain, though.

  9. I am like you, I can’t take the heat either. It’s only recently that temperatures in the UK have climbed to above 30C. If global warming intensifies the heat further I may even have to move further North since we have no air conditioning here. I couldn’t possibly live in Germany again.

    Is your dog a collie? They do the circles naturally, it’s called quartering.

  10. I like your happy ending. Rain sounds good to me right now - as long as there isn't lightening. I imagine in my mind your property up there and how it must feel and look with rain pouring down. Lovely in my mind. Poor babies with the heat. I like that you have the "spunk" ...i don't know what else to call it" to go out in the jeep on such a hot day looking for the turtle - that's kind of cool - a very neighborly thing to do. He will probably come home after the heat lifts. Maybe he found a good piece of shade right where there is a slight breeze coming through.

  11. My daughter lives in CA and called me yesterday to tell me about the horrible heat she was suffering at the beach. Then the wild weather came and she was up all night watching things she had never seen before. Stay inside, Inger. It sure has been a very, very strange year and it isn’t over yet.

  12. Those rain showers sure can help. We're having one this afternoon but it's so still outside and not cool either. I love your JEEP...I've been looking at them lately. Enjoy your afternoon! Sweet hugs!

  13. I'm glad you got some rain! My husband and I call a hard rain a cheapskate car wash!


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