Saturday, August 1, 2020

Flowers By Jane

Jane brings her camera when she goes for walks in her lovely Southern California neighborhood and then sends flower pictures to me via email. She knows how much I enjoy them. 

Some of you may recall all the wonderful rust pictures Jane sent from all over the world when she and her husband traveled. Now that you can no longer travel, and I doubt there's much rust to be found in her neighborhood, I get flowers instead. 



  1. Hi Inger - beautiful photos ... they all look so healthy - delightful to dwell upon. Take care - Hilary

  2. Are those California poppies in one picture? The whole set is lovely. What a neighborhood to live in.

  3. The variety of flowers' type, shape, color - is a delight to the eye.
    Jane is definitely a good friend of both you and flowers.

  4. I love flowers and Rusty stuff equally so either one is fine with me. Sunflowers are my favorite flower and these are just gorgeous

  5. Those green balls intrigued me. An who doesn't love sunflowers?

  6. They are very pretty and it's nice of her to send them to you!

  7. Love the photos.

    In the mountains there are so many wildflowers during the seasons and I'm determined to learn the name of all of them. I'm constantly taking photos and then researching. I finally finally found the name of the one I couldn't remember, "collonia grandiflora". Took forever because I couldn't describe it right on google to get a hit. They only bloom for about a week or two over at lake Arrowhead - the little blooms are about the size of my thumb tip and they sproud from a center pod - about 9 of them. anyway..all that to say i love flowers.

  8. How nice, what a special friend!
    Sure love those sunflowers!!

  9. They are beautiful, and the colors are gorgeous and vibrant!

  10. The flowers are so amazing. Jane has a good eye for them.

  11. My dear Inger,

    Love the flowers of Jane! They are very beautiful!
    So lovely your friend to send these flowers to you!

    I'm very sorry I didn't come to visit you often.
    I miss you so much, but my life has been difficult at this momment...

    Lots of hugs and much Love!


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