Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Country Morning

Before I begin this post, I want to thank you for your thoughtful comments on my Emigrant post. 

Just one thing though, no I'm not homesick, this is my home. What I wrote were as Dee said: "Poignant thoughts of memory."

I drove up to Joyce's place and was greeted by a Carmen, who was recovering from having had a foxtail (a grass) removed from her ear the day before. She wanted nothing to do with me and Judah was busy eating a rabbit he'd managed to catch. 

I found Joyce milking one of her cows. This one kicks so Joyce has to sit a bit away on her cool stool that's only a little visible here. 

After spending her youth as a dark gray horse, this mare is now shedding her coat and will, maybe by next summer, become a Grey. I spell it the British way, and for those of you not familiar with horse colors, a Grey begins its days and the first several years of its life as a dark gray horse and then transforms to one that looks white, but is not a true white. So a Grey.

The llama's ears were pointing straight up as I came over, but as soon as he saw the camera pointing at him, his ears went back and I moved out of the way. Since all of Joyce's animals are so sweet, he probably would not have spit at me. He just let me know he wasn't into having his picture taken.

Here's my favorite, the Guernsey bull. And the mother of the horse I wrote about, a gray mare and the chestnut gelding in the background.

The other llama. He is a truly beautiful animal, mostly white.

Franklin, the very massive Devon bull, a small cow, and the chestnut horse eating breakfast. And my shadow photo bombing. 

It's truly wonderful to have a neighbor like Joyce and to be able to come and visit any time you want to. 


  1. That is nice to have a neighbor with all those animals!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit! It certainly is an upper to be around all those wonderful animals.

  3. That is my kind of neighbor. One with really cool animals. Lucky you.

  4. joyce has quite the collection of beautiful animals

  5. Hi Inger - I gather you weren't homesick ... way too long you've been away - and America has offered you much ... and now you're in your Desert Canyon enjoy nature, and all things you can see and hear ... with your dogs and farm life next door and up the road. Take care - Hilary

  6. I agree about the homesick questions. I get them too, and I point out that I left to improve my life and have done so. No nostalgia, just nice memories of scenery.

  7. This looks like such a fun visit! I had no idea about the horse colors, how neat to learn this. The Llamas are so pretty.

  8. Your post reminds me of a visit to a farm of llamas, horses, cows, doves in our desert in Israel. It was a real attraction both to adults and children, and a great opportunity of taking photos!
    The picture with Joy milking the cow is priceless!

  9. A friend with her animals, that is such a delight, love every photo, those llama ears, just a warning sign maybe.

  10. I enjoyed the photos of your trip to Joyce's place. I have been spit at before it ook all i had not to spit back;)

    Looks like a fun place to hang out and watch nature.

  11. So nice to see all the animals. Interesting fact about 'grey' horses. Didn't know that!


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