Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Morning In The Canyon

I told Annette about this tree, a Cottonwood that died during the drought. As did the tree next to it, where now only a piece of the trunk remains. So the Cottonwood was dead, no leaves except it grew suckers. Then it rained and  rained and the tree came back to life. Not only that, it came back so much healthier and better than before.  I had wanted to find a leafless picture of the tree to see how many actual branches are left. I think there may be quite a few, but I'm not sure. Since Google just changed the blog format this will have to wait until I figure the new format out. Or until the tree sheds its leaves this fall. 

Half-grown coyote puppies have come by to visit for several days, usually in the early morning or a dusk. Faith has chased coyotes before, but she always comes back when called. I was a little worried because there were so many of them, which may have been too much of a temptation for Faith. I worried she would chase them right back to the pack, which may have ended badly for her. So I took the Jeep and drove it around for a while. Driving the Jeep around also keeps up my off road paths. 

I haven't taken a shadow picture of myself for a long time. So here I am with several camera angle pounds added, but who cares, it's just a picture after all. 

I wanted to take a picture of this weed that has popped up everywhere. It's all around my gate and on my road, so I will have to clean it up soon. 

This is my demolished old shed. Some guy was going to come and cart it away, but he didn't want to take it. So Mark said he'll take it to the dump. I don't want him to do any more work here in the heat, so we're looking to September.

Faith found mice or ground squirrels inside it and was fascinated. This is the first time she has shown any interest in catching anything. Basically, she's in love with the chase, not the kill. Good retriever that she is. But both the vet and I think there's some terrier in her. Her strongest drive is to retrieve and she has webbed paws and a Lab tail, but she has a terrier personality. And she can jump straight up, very high, like a Jack Russell terrier. 

Junipers, so many junipers. So many berries/cones the ground below them is lavender blue.  All animals around here, from bears to birds, love to eat the juniper cones that look like blue berries.

After all the running and hunting, Faith is tired. She's also gained weight, so I'm cutting back on her second meal of the day. She won't even notice it. 

I read something like this about Labs: We love to run around in the rain and mud, we love to jump in the lake and swim, we love to run up and down the hills, but if this doesn't work for you, we really don't mind just lying around all day, being your best friend and companion.

And after reading that, I feel guilty every day that I don't give her the best life of running free all across the land.



  1. Don't worry about faith she landed in doggy heaven when she came to live with you and Simon. The good thing about dogs is they don't care at all what they do as long as they have their person. She looks so sweet out there looking through that old building. That'll be a lot of work to get rid of those weeds and I can't believe that that dead tree has come back so beautiful

  2. Good morning, how are you? I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and looking for new followers for my blog. And I will follow yours with pleasure. New friends are also welcome, no matter the distance.


  3. Your landscape is different from my green humid one. It's really refreshing to visit with you.

    I used to have dogs and feel bad that I couldn't let them run free, but really, since they were rescues, they did have a great life compared to what might have been.

  4. You give Faith a good life and she has lots of stuff to keep her entertained!

  5. I love your shadow shots! And seeing the dogs run free makes me happy. I had Golden Retrievers and they LOVE to run! Love those junipers too! Enjoy your day my friend! Hope it's not too hot! Hugs!

  6. That could be worrisome about the coyote pups. Glad she minds you and will leave them alone. Interesting about Faith gaining weight. I noticed today that Callie has packed on a few extra pounds. She still has the acre to run and chase bunnies but maybe the heat has slowed her down. Think I will cut down her portions also. Thanks.

  7. Hi Inger - so glad all is well in the Desert Canyon ... and I love seeing the views and whatever's around ... but I'm glad Faith seems to be ok with the coyotes. That juniper berry colour is beautiful isn't it ...

    Years ago in Cornwall - the place you never got to visit! ... and uncle (by name) moved with his wife from Oxford - to the most wonderful of properties on the south coast in a sheltered valley. One day when Mum and were visiting ... he took me off to the top of the garden - and stood me looking over a piece of wood in the ground ... and said 'that's been there for three years now' ... nothing to be seen - but now ... just look - it's sprouting ... he was as pleased as punch! I always remember him and that story - we never know what might happen. So am so glad your Cottonwood has a new rejuvinated life ...

    Take care and stay safe - Hilary

  8. PS - I gather old blogger is staying ... and I haven't moved across, nor have a few others ... just for info ...

  9. The Cottonwood tree is one of Nature's many wonders.
    You've got a nice figure even in a shadow picture! I might try myself taking such shots.

  10. Well, not TOO much freedom, with those coyotes around! I bet the puppies were cute, but could be dangerous when they grow up? Will they ever attack a dog? Do they get enough to eat in your area?

  11. You have given Faith the best life. I would love to be one of your dogs. And that is fascinating about the cottonwood tree.

  12. Sounds like you keep so busy keeping the weeds and such under control and you do it on your own. amazing.
    That is also amazing about that cottonwood coming back to life so much healthier. Love that! I would have enjoyed seeing coyote puppies - but probably not if I had a dog wanting to run around and possibly get in trouble. Every once in awhile I see a coyote go down our road. When we lived in Rancho years ago they must have had a den out in the field behind the house and I would hear them all the time with their ypiping when they would catch something. I remember the day (maybe I've told this story before) when I was hiking up on a hill behind the house in the 90's and sat down and a full grown coyote came and sat a few feet in front of me. We eventually make friends and after that he walked away. It was quite an experience. I remember the key seemed to be that I didn't feel fear about it so he left me alone and respected somehow that i was just out walking like he was

  13. looking at that banner photo - i can't help but think how glorious it must be when the weathe is cool to wake up and look out at that beauty.

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  15. Sandy's story (just above) with the coyote... was wonderful!
    and your own is as well. especially the cottonwood tree recapturing LIFE itself.
    and of course little Faith with her retriever/terrier personality! LOL! a great combination. she just makes me SMILE! they both do. Samson just quietly loves life.
    sending you and Samson and Faith lots of love out there in your
    very special desert canyon. xoxo

  16. Faith is one of the luckiest dogs ever :) She's loved, and that's what matters.

    Believe it or not, Shyla loves to eat juniper berries when we visit the desert. It seems so odd but perhaps it's not.


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