Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A Walk Around My Place

Walking north on the road I maintain by simply driving on it. 

Errol's cement mixer, to the right, has now become a yard ornament.

Fabulous clouds inspire me to take pictures. Winter is such a good time for taking cloud pictures here. During our summers, the sky is usually blue, every day -- blue.

Facing east, I have a view of the Sierra Nevada mountains not far from their southern boundary at the Tehachapi Pass. Within these mountains lies the only item on my Bucket List: To catch a view of Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. The tallest mountain in the U.S., Denali in Alaska, I can only dream of.

I love mountains, I've spent time in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I've hiked and camped in California's Sierra Nevada mountains and I've lived at the foot of the Grand Tetons.  And now Mount Whitney is just up the road a ways. I googled the distance: 142.1 miles from our town. A little bit less from here. 

And back at my house, check out that dramatic sky!

I hope you enjoyed this walk around my place.


  1. Hello, Inger
    Gorgeous landscapes. You do live in a beautiful area. I love the mountain scenery too, The Tetons is one of my favorite places, hubby and I have hiked some in the Rocky Mountain NP. I do enjoy the walk around your place. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy week ahead.

  2. i am so glad you showed your walk to us. this helps me visualize where you are and when you write i can see, what you are talking about. what a glorious view you have in any direction... and now when you talk about the dog run, i can see it in my mind. i love mountains too

  3. Gorgeous cloud pictures Inger - cloud watching is one of my favourite pastimes. I was checking out Mount Whitney on the map - that's a spectacular view you have of the Sierra Nevada - didn't realise you were so far south. A trip back to California is on my bucket list.

    Do you know the song "Willing" by Little Feat? It's the only time I've heard Tehachapi mentioned lol. (I've been from Tuscon to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonapah) - we could sing our way around America without ever knowing where we were lol.
    Thank you for nudging me to get the camera out again - I've been in a real slump these past months. x

  4. What a beautiful area but those clouds look a bit threatening. Hope they were just for show.
    I got a puppy calendar for 2021 and for the month of January I am looking at a very young Samson. Pretty sure it is a Sammy--it has the smile.

    1. I got one from Sweden with their seeing-eye puppies. Some remind me of Faith as a puppy.

  5. I love mountains, too! They are so majestic and beautiful. It's on my bucket list to see Denali one day!

  6. The clouds are really dramatic. I would love to see some starry skies at night in your area with no light pollution. It must be absolutely incredible. We have so much light from the city and the airport that it's difficult to see a starry night in all it's glory.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Hi Inger - what a delightful stroll around ... we have thick black clouds here today - and have had a sprinkling of snow in north sussex and north kent! I saw/noted you had mist as a weather 'thingy' today ...

    Wouldn't it be lovely to visit Mount Whitney ... I hope that comes to pass in the near future for you ... take care - Hilary

  8. Ominous clouds, 5 minutes ago our sky was a brilliant red through the power lines and roofs, now all grey. Love your wide open spaces, like the song, " Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above, don't fence me in". At least I think those were the words. Mount Whitney, go for it when the weather is right.

  9. We are surrounded by mountains, too! The Blue ridge and the Applachain. You and I never get tired of them, do we? Yours are beautiful. I always feel safe in the little valley in the muntains. But best of all, I love seeing your home! And the beautiful stone chimney.

  10. Superb views! Mountains and clouds are domineering elements in a landscape.
    You live in a lovely little house!

  11. Inger, you are so fortunate to be surrounded by all that glory and beauty!! As for Errol's cement BELONGS there!!...:)jp

  12. So very nice seeing the beautiful landscapes around your house.
    Not many people have their own cement mixer : ) We do too.
    Wow that is a very dramatic sky!!! Love the dark sky with the sun out too.

  13. How I miss the mountains I saw when living in Washington and Maryland.


  14. for those of us who love mountains... they all have their own particular beauty and pull at our heartstrings.
    I've lived in the Rockies... and the Blue Ridge Mtns in Virginia... and the Adirondacks.
    now when I think back to them they're each like old friends. there's a protective feeling I remember. in my state here... they're old. we call them mountains but compared to the others they are probably very high hills! still... they are THERE! and that makes me smile. I'm a sky watcher too. and at night it must be beautiful where you are. xo

  15. I totally enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about your love of the mountains and where you have visited and hiked. I would have enjoyed having a friend nearby to hike trails with. I was always too busy raising kids to get to do much of that but after they left Mike and i would find trails along the foothills where we lived at the base of mountains before we moved to the mountains. Sometimes we would just find a fire road and then go off from there into places without trails ...always so much fun. I still want to do that to this day. We have done a few of them when we come down to near our old house. Other than that I'm happy to have trails up here. So nice you had all those experiences and I hope you get to see Mt. Whitney some day.

  16. wow Tammy didn't realize you lived near all those mountains. I would LOVE to experience hiking in those areas you mentioned.

  17. and that sky is amazing over your house! wow.

  18. Such lovely photographs.
    I enjoyed my walk around your place, and yes that is a dramatic sky.

    Wishing you happy days.

    All the best Jan

  19. I'm glad I didn't miss this post. I love taking a walk outside and seeing your home and the beautiful views you have. Thanks for sharing! Wouldn't we have fun visiting together in our homes! We'd learn even more about each other. But this is a good way too! Enjoy your day!

  20. I love this post! You live in a beautiful place! For me, this is partly what blogging is all about for me, getting a glimpse into places and parts of the world I'll never get to see. Thanks for showing us around! ❤


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