Monday, January 18, 2021

Meet My New Neighbor


I've been hoping for a long time that Joyce would get a donkey. And now she has. It's a miniature donkey, as you can see, and his name is PB, for Plain Brown (wrapper) if I got it correctly. Joyce got him from a woman at the other end of our canyon. 

The pictures are not that good because I can no longer get down low, which is really required for a good picture of a short animal. I have the same problem with dog photos. Ah, the things we take for granted and never even think about when we are young. 

Never mind that.

Isn't he adorable? Doesn't he warm your heart and make you smile? When I worked at the Donkey Rescue, I fell so completely in love with donkeys. I admire them for their loving temperaments, their intelligence, and just the plain fun of interacting with them.

I love donkeys so much and now I have one just a few steps away.

I hope he will bring some joy to you as well. We all need some donkey love right now. 



  1. Hello Inger,

    I love donkeys too, they are adorable critters. I think your photos are great, PB is a wonderful new neighbor. Take care, wishing you a happy new week!

  2. I'm so glad for you that you have a new donkey friend just steps away. I'm sure he will be your best friend. Now you can get your donkey fix. He's adorable.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Oh, yes, PB is adorable. What a woderful neighbor to have!

  4. We love donkeys and see them in with the horses here! And a mini? How cute!

  5. Lucky you. He is adorable and now I want one though having one available to visit might be even better.

  6. I love them too, bring on as many photos as you want, i will love them all. taking photos of dogs is a challenge without being able to squat or knee forsure. PB is adorable and did make me feel warm and fuzzy

  7. Ahh too cute! I would love a donkey. We use to have some not far from us.

  8. Awww, he's adorable! Doe his property line come right up to yours?

  9. You and me both! When we lived in a Colorado before retiring to the Gulf coast, our neighbors had donkeys, and I loved 'em like family pets!! Sweet, sweet photos of PB.

  10. I love the plain brown ones best. I look forward to seeing more of PB!

  11. He is adorable, a lovely series of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  12. You new neighbor is so cute. Look forward to seeing more pictures of PB in the future.

  13. OH! little PB! I love you already!
    but you need a friend. I hope Joyce can get at least one more so he won't be lonely.
    and YES!
    I miss getting down easily more than anything! I used to make fun of those ads on tv
    when they say "help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" now I KNOW. LOL! it's not a joke.
    shame on you Tammy.
    I'm like our whole community here.
    I hope to see a lot more of adorable little PB! give him my love! XO

  14. Hi Inger - I agree he's lovely isn't he ... so pleased for you ... what an enjoyable companion ... so happy to see - take care - Hilary

  15. Yes!!! Donkey Love.
    He sure is a winner. A real cutie.
    Congratulations on your new neighbor!!!!!


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