Thursday, January 28, 2021

Winter Comes To The Canyon


Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning. 

Confirmed when our town shows up on Al Roker's map. A winter storm is coming. Finally!

The first part arrived with cold enough temps to keep the snow from melting for a day or two. And more rain, snow and wind will arrive today. I love it and it's much needed, it's been dry here for so long now.

Come on, Samson, let's play.

Instead he decides to run down the road, all the way to the gate.

Not wanting to come back until I rattle the plastic container with a few of his treats. I always bring it when he's on the loose outside. His breed likes to wander. 

You can see he's getting tired at the end. But what a joy for me to see him in his own snowy environment.

In lieu of wild critters coming by, Franklin, the Devon bull showed up. This was a surprise since they rarely get out and walk around in the snow. 

Joyce said he'd been gone a long time and she had no idea why or where he went. She's very calm about her critters and they always come back home. The only one she's had to chase after is her African tortoise, who is not slow at all.

I said the same thing I say to her dogs when they come by: Go home, Franklin. This he did, so I yelled after him: Good bull!! Just like I praise her dogs.

Samson and Faith are getting a nice rest after playing in the snow.  We all enjoyed our day and the snow is still here, two days later, which is unusual. Right now, on Wednesday, as I write this, very strong winds are howling outside my window and a few snow flurries are dancing through the air. 


  1. Love the photos ... and I know how much you love the colder weather, especially if the snow comes. Gorgeous to see ... and so happy you and the dogs enjoyed yourselves. Franklin, the Bull, is pretty amazing to see ... and Joyce seems to have the animal- whisperer touch ... enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts ... it's just plain damp here!! All the best and with hugs - Hilary

  2. we woke up to howling wind also, but no snow, i am dreading our walk. i don't like walking in wind. Beau loves it windy and cold, just like Samson. I am happy for all of you that you have your snow that is needed. have fun playing, all of you and the bull story made me laugh... Go Home Franklin sleighs be for some rason

  3. So glad you got some moisture and some snow for Samson to play in. Hope you don't get those really strong winds that seem to be in your area. Stay warm and safe.

  4. Your area was shown on TV down here, with widespread snow, Samson, what a delight for you.That will give the needed moisture to your ground.

  5. I'm glad the dogs had a fun time playing in the snow.
    Enjoy the beauty and the cooler weather.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Samson's coat is made for this weather! Yes, I expect the moisture will be well received, the better to guard against fire. I'm glad you all enjoyed the storm!

  7. What fun to watch them run in the snow, especially Samson! But of course the star of the show today is your stunning sky photo!! It is amazing! Do you ever lose power?

  8. Glad to you finally got your snow. Wish we could get a break in ours. It snows every day!!

  9. I love these pictures.
    what a wonderful attitude to have about your snow!
    for those of us in drought conditions (seemingly always!)
    it's nice to have any kind of moisture! but especially such beautiful WHITE snow!
    I'm so glad little old Samson enjoyed himself. no leash Mom! Yayyy!!! and SNOW!
    and I'm glad the bull Franklin had a nice walk about! LOLOL. XOXO

  10. That red sky is stunning.

    Lovely to see your snow and the enjoyment it brings.

    All the best Jan

  11. Well, it certainly looks pretty and I'm glad Samson and Faith got to play in it for a while!

  12. What fun photos! I'm so glad you all had a fun day! Snow brings out the kid in us, and the puppy in our dogs, doesn't it? We're supposed to get at least 4 inches of snow here in Virginia - the most in about 2 years. I cannot wait! My cameras are ready, now I just need to find my boots! 😊


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