Friday, January 22, 2021

Notes From The Canyon

I haven't written much about what I'm doing with my days lately. Probably because I'm not doing much, or the same and more of the same. Went to the post office this morning. Took this picture when I got home because there was a covey of California quail scurrying away as I got out of the car. No luck catching a photo of them, but I'm posting this anyway because the sky was so beautiful today.

This afternoon, I sat on my patio and read a "real" book, Perestroika in Paris, by Jane Smiley, a Christmas gift from Judy. For the past several years now, I read most of my books on my Kindle Fire. It was lovely to sit outside on a January afternoon, in warm sunshine, reading a book. I believe we will get rain and snow, starting tomorrow and continuing on and off for a week or more. We need it badly, so no complaints. 

As always, Faith was very interested in what I was doing, so I explained to her that in the book, Perestroika is a horse that has a big adventure in this place called Paris, where she meets up with a dog, a raven, some ducks, a young boy and an old lady. 

I haven't done a puzzle since I was a child, but now my friends here in California and several of my blogger friends are doing them, so since it's good at my age to do new things, I ordered one. Feeling insecure about my puzzling abilities, I got one for ages 9+ with 300 pieces. Well, I'm of course more 9x than 9+, but I dove right in and enjoyed it so much that I ordered another one. 

As far as my cooking goes, I heated up a frozen pizza yesterday. A pretty good veggie pizza from Walmart, I wasn't sure how it would taste, but it was OK with plenty of those hot pepper flakes on top. I don't eat pizza often, but had two in my freezer. With a nice salad and a glass of cold water, it turned out fine. 

Then to bed early, with my beloved little dog, so spoiled, but then she really spoils me too with her perfect behavior, so considerate. I've never had a dog that was as thoughtful as she. 

Read for a while and then to sleep. 


  1. Hi Inger - your book sounds delightful ... wonderful present. Faith and you give each other what you need ... while no doubt Samson gets his fair share. I know you love seeing the rain and snow come ... so I hope there's a decent amount ... enjoy ... but also that blue sky looks enticing. Jigsaws ... I've yet to succumb ... stay safe and enjoy the more peaceful world - Hilary

  2. Hello, Inger
    Love the sky shot! It has been awhile since I have done a puzzle. The horse puzzle picture is cute. Your dog's face is adorable. Pizza is one of my favorites, I use the hot pepper flakes too. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Face looks so adorable sleeping like that in your bed! And she looks like she's listening to every word you're saying when you're explaining about the book! Sitting outside in the sun reading it as a favorite thing of mine to do I used to sit on the beaches 4 hours and read but can't do that anymore. Now that you said you were not a puzzle person but you enjoyed it I probably should try one because I said I don't like doing puzzles but that was many years ago and I don't even remember when I last touched a puzzle so who knows a my old age I might like it

  4. Impressed you were reading a real book. Kindle has me so spoiled that I no longer enjoy wrestling with a hard cover.
    I have to do my puzzles on the computer for my cat thinks the pieces of a real one are toys for her to play with.

  5. Going to bed early, leaving it late the next day - that's good in winter.

  6. What can be better than blue skies, warm sunny day, a book to read, puzzles to pass the time and a sweet dog to make an ordinary day so special. I love making puzzle too and when I work on one, my mind is serene. I prefer reading a book in my hand that reading e-books.
    Enjoy the day.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Love that beautiful blue sky! you are keeping yourself busy and your mind busy which is a good thing!

  8. This book sounds wonderful, and I am going to look it up on Amazon. I may buy it. Your puzzle is lovely, and looks kind of hard. Phil and I buy mostly the 300 pieces, and sometimes 500. The larger ones are just too hard.

  9. What a picture perfect day. I love that blue sky! I really do understand and appreciate the perfect harmony that exists between dog and man (woman) when they each do their share of spoiling.

  10. I read a couple of Jane Smiley books, quite some time ago. She's excellent. Faith has tuned out to be an angel.


  11. Your day sounds lovely. A lot in it. One of the things people miss at our closed library was the big puzzle always available to add a few pieces. A lot of people would spend a few minutes adding to it. I don't like them but several friends did, and loved being in an unseen team completing a giant work.

  12. Sounds like a delightful day. I like your puzzle! So many people are doing puzzles lately. We do them every winter when it snows. Enjoy your day.

  13. well this is just a perfect post in every way.
    my heart is warmed for sure.
    and that sweet little face smiling into yours (and OURS)is ....
    well... it's just perfect! XOXOXO

  14. The thought of sitting in the warm sun is so sweet! Your day was so lovely. And sweet Faith is the best.

  15. "Perestroika in Paris"

    Perestroika is a celebration word for me. Does it figure into this story?

    I like your description of your considerate puppy. What a treasure!

    And you almost make me want to do a puzzle. Do I have the patience? That is the question.

  16. That book sounds like one I would like. I read Smiley's Horse Heaven and liked it a lot. She has a connection to horses. I have avoided puzzles as I only have one spot to do one, my kitchen table. It is kind of tempting.


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