Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Conversations With Faith


Me: You can jump up in the bed, can't you?

Faith: Yes, why do you ask?

Me: Looks like you had a little difficulty there. Is your butt getting too heavy?

Faith: Leave my butt alone, it's just fine, thank you very much.

Me: You've always been a great jumper, but we're all getting old.

Faith: Samson and you are old, I'm not. 

Me: OK, otherwise I thought I could buy you these stairs.

Faith -- looks: That's a sausage dog, no wonder he needs some stairs. 

Me: Faith it's not nice to call him names. My cousin had a long-haired Dachshund and he was so handsome, he even was entered in dog shows.

Faith: I've heard about dog shows, can I go?

Me: No, they are only for pure breeds.

Faith: What do you mean? Pure breeds? 

Me: They have to be very fancy and AKC registered.

Faith: You have to buy them, don't you? They are not free like me, given away outside the Tractor Supply Store, scared to death.

Me: Well, but daddy rescued you and brought you home to me. 

Faith: I know, daddy was a very nice man. 

Me: Yes, my sweet dog, he was.

Faith: Are you sad now?

Me: No, how can I be sad when I have you and Samson to cheer me up and take such good care of me?

Faith: Then maybe I can have some of that doggie ice cream you promised? Soon?

Me: I will buy it soon.

Faith: I'll take some people ice cream until you get it!

Me: Maybe just a tiny, tiny amount. 

Faith: Thank you, mommy.

Me: You're welcome.


There were some questions about the four days I was ill after receiving the second shot of the Moderna vaccine. 

I was ill because my Type 1 diabetes reacted to the vaccine the same way it would have reacted to an illness. Which, of course, means that the vaccine was working, it was doing what it was supposed to do. 

If you are healthy, this would not happen, and you would probably just be feeling a bit sick that first night, chills and leg pains, I've heard from friends.

My experience was so strange that I called my diabetes doctor to find out if any other patients had the same experience. They had not heard from anyone else, they said. 

After that, all has been well and it was all so worth it.


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