Monday, March 15, 2021

New Life

 in more ways than one...

When Joyce told me a baby bull had been born on Friday, I drove up to her place Sunday morning to see him. 

I found him napping, so drove on up the steep hill to Joyce's house.

On my way, I passed papa bull and young bull, that I think has been fixed to live as a steer.  

At Joyce's house, I was met by Judah and Carmen, her dogs, and Einstein, the cat. Both dogs were at my house the day before, when Joyce came over with fresh eggs someone in the canyon had shared with her. 

After Judah and Carmen jumped out of her truck and ran over  to where Samson and Faith were in their fenced-in dog run, a big ruckus ensued. Mainly girl-driven. 

I've seen Judah and Samson sniffing each other gently through the fence. So no problems there.

It's an entirely different story with the girls. 

Anyhow, for the first time in a year, Joyce and I sat on her veranda with a cup of coffee and talked. It felt like normal life had returned. While this is not entirely true, it gave me, once again, a sense that the thin line of hope and light at the end of this long dark tunnel was growing a tiny bit wider. 


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