Friday, March 12, 2021

Life ~ Looking Back


My dad was an avid photographer with a Hasselblad* camera. My dad loved his camera and since I was the firstborn, and quite the ham, pictures of me as a young child are everywhere, some of them organized in a photo album with my name on the cover.
I hope to post some of my dad's photos here, every now and then, with an accompanying story of a time and place. 

This will be fun for me and I hope it will be for you too, my friends who visit my blog. 

*The Hasselblad is a Swedish camera and one of the best there is. 



  1. You are very photogenic and your dad, I can already see, had quite a gift for composing a photograph beautifully!

  2. you were adorable and I really like that carriage or stroller.. not to many photos in my family, mother got an old Brownie when I was 10 but could not afford the film and processing, she did take some but not a lot

  3. The difference between youngest and eldest! There are two pictures of my entire childhood! Also the difference in other ways. The family camera was a Brownie box, won for an essay by an older brother. Film too expensive to buy often.

    Childhood pictures are lovely. You've always been a beauty. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. There are always more pictures of the firstborn child. I was second born. I admit that there are almost twice as many pictures of my first born than my 4th and last born.

    I look forward to seeing your dad’s photos.

  5. You were a beautiful baby and I like the stroller. So different than today's strollers.
    Hugs, Julia

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  7. Hello,

    You were a beautiful baby! I look forward to seeing more of your Dad's photos. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend to you!

  8. Hasselblad, the essential " Rolls Royce" of all cameras. Hugh inherited some money from his aunt, and would have loved one, but here they were SO expensive, so he bought the top model Minolta with all the lenses and attachments. A film camera, and he still has it, not even a collector is interested in it. Guess it can join my 1954 Box Brownie!!! Love your photo and I hope we see lots more.

  9. What a little cutie. You were definitely charming the camera.

  10. Your photo promises the growing up of a Swedish beauty.

  11. You were such a cute baby! I can see why your dad took lots of pictures of you!

  12. You were a beautiful baby and you're beautiful now.


  13. Hi Inger - delightful to see - you, especially - a delightful blonde in the making! Then that push-chair - fun to see ... quite heavy, with what's around today. Great - so delighted you're going to be posting some more.

    I see Hasselblad has an interesting company history too ... I'd never heard of it - but now I know about it ...

    Lovely - thank you - Hilary

  14. what an adorable photo . I love seeing old photos - my dad had a darkroom in our basement and i remember he took photos of my first communion and of all the other kids that day that were having theirs.

  15. What a lovely photograph you've shared.

    All the best Jan


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