Saturday, March 27, 2021

Swedish Traditions During Lent

According to Swedish tradition, on Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fat Tuesday, families eat semlor. The semla is a bun, a wonderful bun, that I can't describe, so if you're interested, please check it out here:  Swedish Lentil Buns

Looking this up online, it looks like the semla is only eaten on Shrove Tuesday, but I seem to remember we ate them every Tuesday during Lent in our home.  

Also during Lent, brightly colored feathers are attached to bare birch tree branches and brought into Swedish homes, see the b/w photo above. I have no idea why we do this. But of course there's always Google, who said this:

The tradition dates back to the late 19th century and is thought to reference the playful practise of bashing friends and family with birch twigs as part of the carnival of fun and games before Lent.

Oh, reading that I'm giggling at the image of a bunch of Swedes running around bashing each other with birch tree branches. What a picture that paints in my mind! 


  1. this photo of you is so YOU, i can see you in it and you were adorable. anything bread is fine with me... I know most of this but only because i have been frieds with Bloger Monica in Sweden since 2009...

  2. I didn't know any of this Who is the cute baby? Is it you?

  3. What a darling baby and smile. Is that you? Obviously delighted with the feather branch. Are you continuing this tradition? It could be fun to look for feathers.

  4. That has to be you. You are so cute and happy.
    Still amazed at the idea of "bashing" your friends and family with twigs but it evidently was good natured.

  5. Hi friend! Ojo here! I hope you will not be offended when I say that humans are weird. But I will take the branch and chew on it - is that allowed?

  6. The semla bun looks so rich and delicious. You were a very cute baby and you look so happy in front of the tree decorated in feather. I think it's a nice tradition.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I wonder if the feathers were to evoke Carnival? Here we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but I'd rather some of those buns!

  8. Hello Inger,
    I love the sweet photo, is that you? The Lenten bun looks delicious. I remember having fish every Friday during Lent. I think I would like seeing the feather decorating the tree. Take care, have a great new week!

  9. Ha Ha Inger - I can quite easily see that happening ... what fun to think about. Beautiful blondie ... delightful and yes traditions are fun aren't they; ours are pancakes ... yet now pancakes are there whenever one feels like one. I just remember our pancakes with lemon and sugar ... so so good! All the best and hugs - Hilary

  10. That is a cute baby picture of you!

  11. love you as a joyful little baby!
    and I didn't even notice the feathers on the branch until I had read further! lol
    I prefer to think they put them on in anticipation of the blossoms that Spring brings.
    who needs to be bashed with branches??? !!! LOL. xoxo

  12. what a cute kid u were. funny tradition kind like the visual.


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