Friday, March 26, 2021

Conversations With Faith


Me: Faith, guess what I just read in the Washington Post.

Faith: Too much stuff in there for me to guess.

Me: There's a farm where people can come and hug cows.

Faith: What??!!!

Me: It's true, one woman was very sad, then she hugged a cow and afterwards she felt much better.

Faith: But cows are so big, how can you possibly hug them? And they have horns too. When our neighbor's cows come over here (where they have no business being) I would not want to get up close. 

Me: These cows didn't have horns. And you hug them around their necks. And one woman lied down with a cow and hugged it that way.

Faith: I hate to say it, but sometimes people do the dumbest things.

Me: Guess how much it costs to get to hug a cow.

Faith: It wouldn't be worth it, but I would guess $10.00.

Me: No, $75.00.

Faith: Dumb is as dumb does. 

Me: Now you sound like Forest Gump.

Faith: Who?

Me: Never mind.


  1. Hello,
    I would be afraid to hug a cow, just give me a dog to hug. I do think I could find many ways to spend $75, it seems kind of a high price to me. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. I have hugged a cow and also kissed several of them in that big beautiful spot between their eyes, also kissed a donkey... i would not pay 75 to hug a cow but might pay the 10.00. most people do not want people hugging there cows or horses, i have been told that my owners of them... maybe they need money... and i am thinking if a person had never seen or touched a cow it might be worth the 75
    Faith you are sooooooooo very Beautiful... I would pay 75 to hug you

  3. Cows are lovely and warm, maybe that's part of it. A little bit pricey though.

  4. Clever way to make money during Covid but that is a bit much price wise. Just think, you could pimp out Faith and Samson. Hum--wonder what Callie could bring in? Pretty sure she would do it for free.

  5. Hi Inger - explaining Forrest Gump to Faith would be a major challenge! I have to say I think that's a great idea ... and I'm sure many would pay $75 for an afternoon of cow cuddling - if the cow could stand it. But I'd rather pay $75 to the Donkey sanctuary for a cuddle with Faith ... stay safe and enjoy Faith and Samson ... Hilary

  6. Hahaha, this is a cute conversation. I was waiting to read that Faith was offering to be hugged for $25., lol...

    I agree with faith, people do the dumbest things. $75. is a bit much. Love should cost nothing...
    When we had our milking herd, one cow would come to me when I was standing at the sink preparing the milk for the calves and she wanted to be hugged. Not all cows like to be hugged, but this one I had raised from birth, took a liking to me.

    I'm a hugger,
    Hugs, Julia

  7. I bottlefed dairy calves for one semester. They are precious animals. That's when I went vegetarian.

  8. Faith, don't try and fathom out the hugging or the cost, too pricey for sure, just keep your Mum happy and give her lots of hugs in return.

  9. Yeah, I can think of a lot better things to spend $75 on!

  10. I do think this is pretty dumb. But I have to hand it to these people, they found a unique way to make some extra money!

  11. I've never hugged a cow but have had one lick my hand. :) And I didn't have to pay a cent! :)

  12. Whatever next!
    I think I will be giving this a miss!

    All the best Jan

  13. Goat Yoga was a hit, who knows, hugging a cow may be the next big thing.

  14. This is wonderful! Thanks for the laugh.

  15. LOLOL! I absolutely LOVE your conversations with Faith. XOXO
    and I would love to hug a cow too!

  16. HHAHAH ..i love it when you talk dog talk...this was great.


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