Friday, March 26, 2021

Conversations With Faith


Me: Faith, guess what I just read in the Washington Post.

Faith: Too much stuff in there for me to guess.

Me: There's a farm where people can come and hug cows.

Faith: What??!!!

Me: It's true, one woman was very sad, then she hugged a cow and afterwards she felt much better.

Faith: But cows are so big, how can you possibly hug them? And they have horns too. When our neighbor's cows come over here (where they have no business being) I would not want to get up close. 

Me: These cows didn't have horns. And you hug them around their necks. And one woman lied down with a cow and hugged it that way.

Faith: I hate to say it, but sometimes people do the dumbest things.

Me: Guess how much it costs to get to hug a cow.

Faith: It wouldn't be worth it, but I would guess $10.00.

Me: No, $75.00.

Faith: Dumb is as dumb does. 

Me: Now you sound like Forest Gump.

Faith: Who?

Me: Never mind.


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