Monday, March 29, 2021

Gray on Gray Solution

 I've had few reasons to get out of my pandemic old clothes and put on something nice for over a year now. Same as for most of the human race. 

A couple of years ago, I bought a gray sweater from Land's End online. 

Buying clothes online requires a bit of luck and returning things can be a pain.

As it turned out, I never wore this particular sweater. I think I had some buyer's remorse, the color was just not the right kind of gray. 

It grayed me out.

Friday, I had an appointment with my dental hygienist and decided to try on the gray sweater with my gray turtleneck underneath. It was a cold and overcast morning and the sweater looked like it would keep me warm with no outerwear necessary.

The sweater felt really nice, warm and toasty. But did it make me look washed out? Gray on gray on gray me and so on... 

I usually don't worry about things like that, but for  some reason all this gray made me wonder. Should I go with my blue and brown? 

I was only going to the dentist, after all, where I would be covered up in a big lavender (as it turned out) paper napkin. 

And I do look good in lavender. All silver-haired old ladies do. This is a well-known fact.

Now, my dentist is pretty hot, but then I wasn't seeing him.

Hopefully I wasn't, as I just can't afford any cavities right now. I have some plans for a new car.  

Back to dressing for my visit:

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I usually don't worry about how I look. A pair of Wrangler men's jeans with a sweater on top is all I've worn since I moved here, about 16 years ago. 

Then I remembered that I had just the thing to tie it all together and make all this gray look coordinated and cool. 

So I put my gray mask on and was ready to face the world. 


It's been a bit of a dizzying experience to look at my baby pictures and those above and to even begin to think about the span of time between them.


  1. I really like the color gray, I'm actually very happy that my beard has turned quite gray as well as the hair on my head, I feel it makes me stand out more!

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  2. Hello,

    I like your gray sweater, you look nice! Since I retired, my closet has mostly comfy clothes, a few nicer things to wear during a special outing. Take care, have a great day!

  3. Well I love it because my favorite thing is monotones. My master bathroom is green it has four or five different shades of green but everything in there is green with just a touch of white so Shades of Grey and a touch of white is something I would do and love. I think the pandemic has made us all a little crazy as in worrying about what you're putting on and you never did before. When you read my blog today you'll see what I mean because why did all of a sudden the three liver spots on my face start to bother me and they never have before

  4. You look elegant even in sweater and jeans, Inger. You have the kind of beauty that stays.

  5. I love wearing all shades of gray with my white hair! I avoid browns and tans though. And dressing for comfort is what we care about most. I like this sweater on you. If you were going somewhere could put a colorful scarf on too! I went to the dentist last week and got my teeth cleaned! Feels SO great!

  6. I like that long grey sweater and I think it looks nice on you. I have a long grey cardigan that doesn't have buttons and is open in the front that I love to wear as it seems to go well with other colors I wear underneath.

    A new car sound exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. The color coordinated mask really did set the whole outfit off. "Put together" comes to mind.
    Now you have me tempted to get some different color masks.

  8. Hi Inger - I thought gray was cool - til I bought an outfit and everyone said I looked awful - colour wise! So I'm pleased you could wear your jumper - looks a good quality one ... and then match it up with the mask. I have a floral mask, a black one for emergencies - i.e. it sits in my bag, and another lighter one with spots on it ... but we do not have a gray day today ... so I'm off out to enjoy some of that yellow and warmer weather for a few days.
    We'll enjoy whatever you post ... it's fun to see the old photos and some of Sweden back in your day ... stay safe and hope the visit was successful; that new car sounds a fun idea ... Hilary

  9. Grey is very popular and is the "in" color for everything. You look great in it and as you said, the mask was just the right accessory to make it pop. I do agree that lavender or any variety of purple is a good color as we age. I remember reading when I was young (around 50) a poem book called, "When I Grow Old I Will Wear Purple. I think that is were the Red Hat Society came into being. It is about celebrating aging ungracefully. I have lots of purple; this year, however, I have worn mostly black.

  10. A new car, forget the cavity? and the grey and choose a bright colour. I do not suit grey, orange, yellow or brown. and can at last wear a clear red. But for grey, we chose that paint for all the walls, from pale to pale, and it is so restful, just the kitchen and dining room are a bit bland, so just like a scarf will colour your outfit, I need something bright on at least one wall.

  11. I think gray goes well with white hair and wear it often myself. Lavender or pink I think is one of those colors that everyone looks good in. You could always add a splash of color with a mask or scarf if you wanted. :)

  12. It totally works! I am embracing my gray hair, but I do usually wear either bright colors or black (or both together), no in between for me.

  13. There you go,the mask is a perfect match. Grey is a nice neutral, and you can dress it up with all kinds of colorful scarves and necklaces. It will go with almost anything, so I like it.

  14. look at you! in that last pic you could be a model! you're tall and slim.
    and the grey looks Great on you. but then I LOVE grey. always have!
    now I have to check out lavender. I've never heard that before about little old
    ladies and lavender. but since I'm a card carrying member of the LOL (little old ladies) Club I'll have to check it out! I don't have many clothes. on purpose. xoxo

  15. Looking at your full picture - makes one stare open-mouthed. The grey sweater is beautiful, and so is the whole ensemble!
    In my experience, a tall, slim person can put anything on himself/herself, and still look gorgeous.

  16. I dislike bright colors in my clothing, so this gray combo is right up my street! You look fabulous, Inger, and great to see that smile!

  17. I think the shades of grey & blue jeans are perfect!!!

  18. You look great in your grey and jeans. Grey is the new fashion color I think.

  19. I think the grey sweater is very pretty and looks comfy! Maybe a darker necklace could help break add a little color!

  20. Well there ya go - Grey mask finishes off the outfit quite nice .... Silver haired ladies are the best. We have so much wisdom ...I'm actually not silver - i wish i was, i have more a beige/white look to my hair I think.

  21. Hi human friend! Ojo here! You look a lot like one of my human grandmas in these picture! I think I love you even more!

  22. I think your colour coordinated mask really sets the whole outfit off.

    All the best Jan


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