Monday, April 5, 2021

Conversations With Faith


Faith: You know what?

Me: What?

Faith: I was thinking of the people who were hugging cows. People would want to hug Samson. He's so furry and fluffy, they would love it and maybe he could make them feel better if they are sad. 

Me: I would love to make people who are sad feel better, but Samson isn't the way to go. He's not very clean right now. And I wouldn't like a lot of people coming here.

Faith: But you could make some money to pay for all his expenses. I heard his breed is the most expensive dog breed of all. 

Me: I read that too, and he is very, very expensive to keep. But as long as I'm not broke, we'll be OK.

Faith: You would have to brush him good first, and maybe give him a bath. But there may be money to be made here.

Me: No, Faith. I said no. 

Faith: $75.00 a hug?

Me: How about having people come and hug you?

Faith: I don't think so.

Me: See, that's just what I mean.

A clean and huggable Samson.


  1. Faith, Samson looks quite huggable, but he's certainly not prettier or sweeter than you are.


  2. if i were there I would want to hug the huggable Samson and the huggable doesn't want to be hugged Faith. You see Faith, I am with you, I don't like hugs from people, at all and have really liked that people can't hug me for a whole year. even when I tell people I don't like hugging they say things like Well, I do.. and they hug me. maybe i could get lessons from you on how to stop them

  3. I like these chats with Faith. A white dog is certainly higher maintenance than others, particularly a furry one. You might want to tell Faith some people might want a refund on the hugs when they see the shedding!

    I wonder that about hugging cows, too.

  4. Cute post and photo! Sending hugs for all of you!
    Have a great day and a happy new week!

  5. Love your chats with Faith. She has some good ideas. Samson really does look huggable but so does Faith so she had better be careful what she wishes for.

  6. i would snuggle with both of you. Like a wonderful dog pile.

  7. Faith is thinking, "Surely Samson could put up with just ONE hug, and we could make an online order to Chewy . com for some extra treats!" No no, Faith, you are not allowed on the internet by yourself!

  8. Aww! They both look pretty huggable to me!

  9. Samson looks very clean and huggable. Maybe try the online version of hugging!!!

  10. I would love to hug Samson! 💜 And Inger—you are one of the most wonderful people. You have no idea how much your letter blessed my heart and lightened my load. God bless you!

  11. Oh Samson! how gorgeous you look! Gracie would pay a thousand dollars for a hug ;-)

    1. Aww, Gracie gets hugs for free. And Samson sends lots of XOXXXOXOXOXOX

  12. Aww cute post. I do like the photographs.

    All the best Jan

  13. How handsome Samson looks! So soft, clean, fluffy, and huggable.

  14. I would love to hug him!! So fluffy and beautiful.

  15. Ohhh, Samson is so huggable. $75 dollars seems like peanuts. I'm not rich but you can't buy hugs with money. Real love is priceless... Sending lots of love your way.
    Happy Easter time for you all.

    Hugs, Julia

  16. I'd hug Samson!!!! He is so fluffy and adorable! Faith is a smart pup. (but of course, I understand your point of view!). You and Faith have the best conversations!

  17. LOL!!! I love all Three of you!
    XO there's a snoopy hug from me from afar!

  18. Hi Inger - all three of you are huggable ... love it ... big hugs your way - cheers Hilary

  19. AWW love this - i enjoy your conversations.


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