Monday, April 19, 2021

Conversations With Faith

Me: So Faith, I just read about the president's dog Major Biden.

Faith: What about the president's dog? Is he in the army? 

Me: No, Major is his name. And he nipped someone. Again!

Faith: Imagine that! Will he be in trouble? 

Me: I don't know, but I think he will have to go back to school, again.  

Faith: Why do you think he keeps up this bad behavior? 

Me: I guess he's upset he has to live in the White House, not in his own home. There are probably too many strangers there that make him feel insecure. What do you think? And what can be done to help him so he won't nip again?

Faith: I think he was spoiled by his daddy before his daddy became president. Now his daddy has less time to play with him. 

Then he had to move from the only home he's ever known. 

Then he has to put up with a bunch of SECRET people. Did you know they all wear dark suits and dark glasses? That alone would scare a dog. 

You do know most dogs that nip or bite do it when they're insecure or scared, don't you? 

Me: Oh, Faith, that sounds so true to me. What a smart dog you are. 

Faith: I know, but this nipping problem is kind of easy for a dog to understand. 

Me: What would you recommend they do to make Major feel more secure.

Faith: First, his people should spend more time with him and be his major walkers, not use some hired dog walker. 

Second, they should pet him and give him lots of treats. Maybe he could sleep in their bed. Unless it's too fancy a bed in this White House. 

Third, those SECRET people should look less INTIMIDATING. Dress in lighter suits, maybe. And they should most definitely take off their dark glasses when they're around Major Biden. 

Finally, this is not the time to bring a cat into the White House. Cats and their claws have a way to make even the bravest dog feel a bit insecure. Until we get used to them and allow them to  become part of our pack.

Me: I'm sure President and Dr. Biden pet Major a lot and give him treats, but great advice about cats and the Secret Service people. Do you want to write a letter to the president and tell him?

Faith: No, I think the president will have to figure this one out for himself. I mean, he must be at least as smart as me if he's the president of all of us. 

Me: You're right, I'm sure he will figure it out. 


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