Friday, April 16, 2021

Life ~ The Early Years

If I look half asleep here. Is it a sign that I would never become interested in fashion? 

This picture ends my earliest years. According to my dad's note in the photo album with my name on it, I was 17 months here. So November 1942. 

My brother would arrive in March 1943 and after that we were two in most pictures. 

After his birth we moved to our house. 

These were good and peaceful years, when I didn't know anything about the world outside of our home. This world where grownups were fighting a second world war; where mean kids and bullies would soon make me miserable; where polio, the horrific illness that so often affected children, would cause so much fear and would hit so very close to home. 


I think I want to write about my life until the end of my early  teenage years, fifteen maybe. Watching my great-nieces growing up, the difference between their lives and mine are astonishing. 


  1. adorable girl you were. My years until I was 15 were happy, from 15 only were horrid. lucky for me I have a poor memory...

  2. Hello,

    You were an adorable girl, cute photo. It seems like bullies are always around, I am all for peaceful living. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

  3. Odd how even as young as we were, the war did affect us and polio was a threat to our childhood freedoms. I wonder about kids today and how the pandemic, virtual school, cyber bullying and isolation will affect them.

  4. What a darling picture. I was born right after the war and I have memories of the difficult time it was back then.

    Keep the good memories alive.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. What an adorable photo, Inger. I would enjoy hearing about your life!

  6. I bet your book will be so interesting! You look like me at that age. Especially your hair!

  7. I love the bow. There was a time when all little girls looked like Shirley Temple. You were a beautiful child and are still a beauty today, Inger.

  8. In those days parents tended to shelter their children from war, famine, illness all around, and we had a gentle, safe, happy life. How they must have struggled in reality, and now today with bullying online, Covid 19 hovering everywhere, some countries with a massive number of deaths every day, look at your photo and know so many of us from that era are still well, and relatively safe. Love your blond hair and the bow.

  9. What a sweet picture - you were adorable.

  10. You had beautiful flaxen hair, and lots of it for so young! We called that color hair "tow-headed" and many in our family had it, only it turns darkest brown by age 8 and then we all went gray in our late teens!

  11. I'm loving your glimpses into the past.
    I too was an only child until my now beloved brother came along.
    Mother said I used to tell any visitors ... "I'm three and a Half."
    as if that news could take away some of their fascination of a New baby! LOLOL!
    I look forward to more of your story. xo

  12. I love these stories of your childhood and look forward to the next installment. I, too, was bullied and teased.

  13. So young, so innocent!! A beautiful image.

  14. You were a beautiful little girl and now you're a lovely woman.


  15. Hi Inger - it'll be so interesting to read about your early years in Sweden - and to hear your thoughts ... all the best - Hilary

  16. That is a beautiful photo! What a treasure. I think we all want to go back to those innocent years sometimes! Being a grown-up is not all it's cracked up to be sometimes!


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