Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Very Special Tribute For Samson


My friend Jane made this Scrabble board tribute for Samson. Please take a minute to read it, it is truly lovely.

I was speechless, then I cried. Again.

Then I smiled, because that's what Samson would have done.

It's so clever. Now I can't stop smiling.

Jane told me there weren't enough letters, but she had two Scrabble games, so she had enough letters for Fluffmonster, such an important part of his persona.

A blogger friend in Texas, texwisgirl, coined the phrase Fluffmonster. 

She stopped blogging years ago, but I still thank her for coming up with such a perfect moniker for Samson.

And, again, thank you so very much, Jane, for this amazing tribute to a very good, special, and fluffy dog.



  1. Awww, what sweet tribute for Samson the fluffmonster.
    Take care, have a great day!

  2. Hi Inger and Jane - what a thoughtful idea from Jane for your Fluffmonster ... just wonderful - I hope you get it framed to hang on your wall ... brilliant - cheers and have a peaceful festive season ... Hilary

    1. Absolutely, Hilary, I've been thinking about how to get that done, big enough and so on.

  3. What a clever, sweet and thoughtful gift from Jane. That is a keeper.

  4. Just what Samson was, and still is, every day in your heart and memories. The original and so special one and only Fluffmonster.XXXX

  5. How very sweet of your good friend. I can think of a few other attributes to Samson but I don't know if you could fit the words in. Samson is beautiful, lovable and loyal.
    Take care.

  6. Thank you, Julia. Yes, he was all that too.

  7. My dear friend Inger,
    So lovely and sweet Tribute to dear friend Samson, did by your friend Jane.
    Sending lots of Hugs and much Love to you.

  8. What a wonderful clever tribute to Samson. :)

  9. Dear Inger, oh, what a lovely tribute and how thoughtful your friend. I so glad you can both laugh and cry with Samson. So many memories of the wonder he shared with you. Peace.

  10. How original and wonderful! A beautiful tribute to him.

  11. That's a wonderful tribute to a great dog. A keeper!

  12. How sweet, beautiful, and fun, just as Samson was.

  13. Aw Inger I'm so sorry you've lost your beautiful fluff monster (what a great word) xx

  14. I remember Samson... have a great Christmas!

  15. A most wonderful and thoughtful gift.

    Sending my good wishes to you at this special time of year.

    All the best Jan

  16. he is forever in your heart. just as Errol is!
    and what a delightful tribute to that furry angel fluffmonster! LOL.
    first there were tears in my eyes and now I can laugh. but look at his picture...
    he always laughed! he protected you and he loved you. Samson.
    and now the tears again.
    my heart seems to be right on my sleeve tonight. XO

  17. That's a lovely tribute. Samson was such a pretty boy. Merry Christmas!


  18. Beautiful gift for Fluffmonster.


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