Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Very Special Tribute For Samson


My friend Jane made this Scrabble board tribute for Samson. Please take a minute to read it, it is truly lovely.

I was speechless, then I cried. Again.

Then I smiled, because that's what Samson would have done.

It's so clever. Now I can't stop smiling.

Jane told me there weren't enough letters, but she had two Scrabble games, so she had enough letters for Fluffmonster, such an important part of his persona.

A blogger friend in Texas, texwisgirl, coined the phrase Fluffmonster. 

She stopped blogging years ago, but I still thank her for coming up with such a perfect moniker for Samson.

And, again, thank you so very much, Jane, for this amazing tribute to a very good, special, and fluffy dog.



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