Thursday, December 16, 2021

What! No Insulin In The Pharmacy Of The Largest Store In The World!

As some of you know, I have type 1 diabetes, an organ specific autoimmune disease, not to be confused with the more common type 2. 

People with type 1 must inject insulin in order to survive. I get mine via an insulin pump. 

I've now had this illness for about 33 years and not once during all those years have I thought that I may die from lack of insulin. 

I have excellent health insurance, not all diabetics are as fortunate as I am. 

Then this happened:

On or about the 6th of December, I submitted my insulin refill request to Walmart Pharmacy, a division of the largest store in the world. 

Some time went by, I never received a text that my order was filled, so I called them. 

The person who answered told me they were out of insulin. His tone of voice was nonchalant, as if this was no big deal. He didn't know when their order would arrive. 

Fortunately, I don't wait until the last minute to reorder, so I have a vial and some leftovers in a few other vials. 

But what about people who can't afford this way too expensive medicine? (Fortunately, Lilly who produces the insulin I use will again reduce the price in January 2022.) 

Unfortunately, some people need large amouts of insulin every day to just survive, for them, it can get hideously expensive.

You know I'm old now, somewhat wise, so few things make me angry these days. 

But the cost of insulin does. It's one of those things that just infuriates me.  

Yes, I know there's been talk in congress, but that's it, just talk. I don't have much hope things will change.

What about those people who wait until the last minute to reorder? Because they don't have the money. I'm sure for now, they will find insulin somewhere, but still.

I called back today, December 15, to find out when I could expect to get mine.

The guy said they expect a delivery on the 19th, which is this Sunday. 

Exactly two weeks after I ordered it.

That is, if it does show up on that date.

I can't help but wonder if this may be a sign of things to come.

Much has been written lately about supplyline problems. When I read it, I thought mostly about delays in Christmas presents, no new cars to buy, and so on. 

Insulin and other life-saving medications were just not on my mind. 

It seems inconceivable that a real danger to people's lives could be caused by these supply issues. 

Not right now, but eventually.

Not somewhere else.

But here.


  1. Yes, it may be " a sign of things to come" - perhaps not regarding meds, but definitely other stuff that people use regularly.

  2. My comment vanished before I could finish.

  3. But I was expressing outrage at this insulin situation.

  4. this is so frightening, prayers your insulin will come on the time they said it would. i had a little run with this but dog meds were the culprit. they were somewhere on the road and on the way.. I like you had not even thought of the life preserving drugs being hard to get here. my tv is talking now about the feds are trying to find a way to get more truck drivers, as in maybe getting retired military out there to drive... i just don't understand why we had plenty of drivers before the pandemic and now we don't. hugs and prayers

  5. Call Santa on his hotline, delivery will be pronto on his sleigh. This isn't anywhere near good enough for an essential life saving medication , insulin should be a priority. Does any other store have it? I will need to check prednisone is not in short supply, as Hugh has it every day, and he would be in real danger if it was suddenly stopped.We usually both have at least one month of everything, but down here building supplies, some food items, and more are so short, people have to wait months for timber and plumbing goods. Hope you have ample to last before the arrival happens.

  6. This is horrible. Here pharmacies will call others to see if they can get medications for their customers. the cost of insulin being high is reprehensible since the inventors of it did not want money for it.

  7. This is a bit scary. I heard the price of insulin was getting ridiculous as have most medicines. But availability hasn't been a problem before. I get my expensive meds from Canada (one third the price as here). Hope they aren't having a similar problem.
    Did hear recently of a possible cure for Type one? Hope the pharmacy comes through for you.

    1. I'm fine, I really wrote this post because I'm thinking of those who are not. My co-pay for insulin is $30.00 per month. No one should have to pay more for a drug they would die without.

  8. Hi Inger - that must be so frustrating for you - but especially for those who need their order 'just in time' (having no cash on hand to pay for it). I don't need anything but I try and stay one step ahead of the game.

    I do hope the supplies turn up over the weekend - good luck ...and wishing you some peace from worry about the supply issue ...

    Take care and with hugs from over the pond - Hilary

  9. It's a sobering thought, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to find some. I don't even want to think about it because it is so horrible. Hard to imagine how it has happened.

  10. Inger, I am glad that you plan/think ahead and had some insulin to rely on. Supply problems are everywhere, but one would think something like this would be immune. Stay well and I hope you receive the new order.

  11. That is outrageous!! So glad you are able to get your insulin.

  12. This is so frightening!!! I hope you can continue to get it uninterrupted!

  13. OMG. what is happening in this country?
    it has always been about the MONEY. but now it's as if we've lost our Humanity!
    seemingly Unimportant things are blown totally out of proportion.
    and yet Seriously Life Threatening issues are not even recognized!
    have we grown so incapable of Caring about PEOPLE that we can't see ourselves in it?
    how far will it go? yes. BIG PHARMA! I'm talking to YOU!

  14. The lack of hustle by the pharmacy workers makes me extremely angry. I ran into this years ago. The pain meds for my aunt dying of cancer were "out" at the local pharmacy. They did NOTHING to remedy the situation. I ended up driving to the next state over to get the medication. I just shook with anger. I hope that this does not happen to you again.

  15. I was just saying to Bud the other week...and supply issues. I saw it coming!! Yes, it's scary.

  16. That's awful. Perhaps you can start placing your orders with a company that cares about people who need their prescriptions. I've had good luck with Caremark and Express Scripts. And I'm so sorry about Samson.


  17. I really appreciate your professional approach.These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  18. This is not good, Insulin for a Type 1 diabetic is ESSENTIAL.

    It seems there are supply chain issues over so many things.
    Here in the UK, back in November, supplies of Ibuprofen and paracetamol were running low.

    Pleased to read in your reply to Arkansas Patti that you are fine.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan


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