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Samson ~ July 7, 2009 - December 1, 2021


Samson passed away peacefully at the vet's office on Wednesday, while I was stroking his furry head and telling him what a very good dog he'd always been. 

Lately, he had some difficulties getting up from my laminate floors, but was OK on the slate floor in the entrance where he slept and from other non-slippery surfaces. 

But he was clearly old now. He only could walk short distances and would let me know when he'd had enough.

I took him to the vet to be evaluated, without any hope that the news would be good.  Dogs have a way of letting you know when they are tired and done.

The vet tech who took him out of the car, said, "he's tired," without knowing why I had brought him in. 

And that's what Samson was. The long, hot, very hot summer did us all in, and Samson suffered the most, even with the portable air conditioner I bought for him. It was just a brutal summer.

The vet found a tumour on Samson's spine and also something wrong with his left hind leg. Not arthritis, something else, I was too upset to listen, but it wasn't good. 

I knew, I had to let him go. 

He was on the floor, I couldn't hold him, but I petted his furry head and told him he'd been the best dog I had ever known. I told him how much I loved him, tears just kept running quietly, I don't think he knew how upset I was. 

It was over so fast. Then he was gone, my furry, fluffy, sweet Samson. 

And I only stopped crying because I have to be together for Faith.

She sat by the gate in the dog run all afternoon yesterday, looking for him. 

This morning, as I opened the dog door, she ran outside, looking, sniffing, and I have no idea how she felt when she found he wasn't there. 

I threw balls for her this morning, I took her for a walk, Jasmine came and that was a great distraction. 

Now she's sleeping peacefully by my side here. 

Dogs don't stay down and sad for long. Such a good thing. 

I will write a tribute for Samson, a memorial, when I feel better. 

For now, he was the kindest, sweetest, calmest, most patient dog I've ever known .

Young Samson


  1. Oh I’ve been dreading this news. I am so sorry. I never met Sampson but you made him real for me with your writing and I’m sad that he has passed. He was a good dog and much loved.

  2. Oh Inger, I am so very sorry. We know when we pick out those cute puppies that this day will come and it is always so darn painful. Samson had a long and loving life with you. Cherish all the warmth and love he gave you and you gave him. Give Faith some extra love now for she will miss him also.

  3. It's so hard to say goodbye to a friend like Samson.

  4. losing a beloved dog is the same as losing a person, it hurts every bit as much. You already know my heart is heavy and hurting and tears are rolling for you and Faith left behind. Good bye sweet Samson and extra hugs to sweet Faith. Her heart is hurting to. you can comfort each other... hugs and love to both of you

  5. Oh Inger - I so feel for you ... and this was a wonderful post to write for us, about your handsome, gorgeous fur-ball Samson. Errol was so right to bring Faith into your life and I'm so pleased you have her to go forward. With lots of thoughts and hugs - Hilary

  6. My condolences, Inger. My heart breaks for you and Faith. The Lord bless you and keep you.

  7. May precious memories bring comfort in the loss of your beloved canine friend.

  8. Darling Samson, older and tired, but the memories of him as a young lad, his white fluffy fur, and the last moments as you sat with him, make this a special post. There will be a huge gap, let your heart be filled with our love and care for you and Faith. XXXXX

  9. I am so very sorry. He was a special companion, and I am glad he kept you company all those years.

  10. Sorry for your loss! May Samson rest in peace! May God strengthen you in your time of grief!

  11. Oh MY, what an awful shock. I am so very sorry. I wish there was something I could say to help,but words just fail at times like this. I will miss him on this blog for sure. Blessings to you,my friend.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Thinking of you and Faith.

    All the best Jan

  13. I am so sorry, I know how much you love Samson.

  14. Samson was so gorgeous, that last photo of him when young is stunning. So sad for you and it is touching how Faith is looking for him.

  15. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Samson.
    Sending hugs, take care!

  16. Inger, when I first read your post, I screamed out loud..."NOOOOOOO!!!" Then I read it again and then again. It is with tears in my eyes that I pass on words that I found peace and solace in..."grieve not, nor peak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me often...twas Heaven here with you...I loved you so..."

  17. We were all so very sad to hear about your dear Samson, it's never, ever easy. Hugs from all of us.

  18. darling friend.
    it's physical isn't it. LOSS.
    there's a hole now. as soon as I saw it. but then to read it. that awful Hole.
    and then the all engulfing sadness. a vet once told me that summer is the hardest.
    if they can make it through that... but. what's the point.
    he was ready. I sometimes feel that sense of 'tired' myself these days. I'm so glad you have Faith. you're there for each other. I would quietly tell her about it. she'll understand. they just do.
    sending you so much love. as is everyone here in this special corner of the internet. XO

  19. I'm so sad for you. He was such a good dog and excellent companion. Take care of yourself and take it easy my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  20. Awww, I'm so sorry Inger. He was a wonderful dog and now he is happy on the other side of the rainbow bridge. My heart hurts for you and Faith, though.

  21. Truly, I am so sorry. From your previous posts, I know he was a terrific companion. I don't like to say dog. I know our fur babies are dogs, but they mean so much more to us. We lost a coon hound 3 years ago. The best girl!! For the first year, I couldn't look at pictures of her without crying. Inger, my heart is saddened for you and Faith. She does know he's gone. Our lab was depressed for a couple months because she had lost her best buddy. I'll say a prayer for you. Patty McDonald

  22. I'm so sorry to read this. So sad when a beloved pet passes away. I know how much he meant to you.

  23. Dear human friend, we are very sorry to hear about the passing of beloved Samson. We are sending many licks and wags to you.

    Run free, friend. You will be missed.

  24. Oh Inger. I am so very sorry. He was a wonderful friend to you and Faith. And you gave him a life full of love. I am sending a great big hug to you.

  25. Oh Inger! I have no words. Gracie’s Samson. Her love. Such a sweet, wonderful boy. A beautiful boy. I am so very heartbroken with you. ((((((Hug)))))))

  26. Oh Inger! I have no words. Gracie’s Samson. Her love. Such a sweet, wonderful boy. A beautiful boy. I am so very heartbroken with you. ((((((Hug)))))))

  27. We are brokenhearted along with you. We love you.... give Faith a hug for us.

  28. My dear friend Inger,
    Just now I read this sad post. I am so very sorry. I have tears on my eyes, and I have no words to express. Samson was a lovely, sweet and so beautiful friend. He will be sorely missed.
    Sending to you my affectionate hug and to Faith too.


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