Friday, December 17, 2021

Me, My Dog And Snow


You know how much snow cheers me up, particularly around Christmas time. Snow is part of my childhood memories. The Swedish Christmas traditions I grew up with. I have no memory of a Christmas without snow.

The morning after our recent snowstorm, Faith and I went for a walk in the snow. It was still cold, the snow crunched under my feet and glittered in the sun.

It didn't take long for Faith to remember how much fun running and rolling in the snow can be. She's missed her brother and the snow was just a wonderful distraction for her. 

As we started downhill, toward home, Faith discovered this. A part of the divided trunk of one of our more fragile junipers had broken off in the storm.

Faith seemed to understand that something was different with this tree. I would perhaps give her too much credit saying she looked concerned. But she definitely alerted to a different scenario in our backyard. 

I'm sad, this is one of the two trees I visit regularly. It's the most fragile one in my yard. I feel it's a shame when these trees become part of someone's yard and must be trimmed back for fire safety regulations or other reasons. For now, there's nothing I can do, Mark will cut it up and cart it away later.

So Faith and I walked back home, where we found a near perfect row of icicles hanging from our roof. 


  1. Nice to read about someone who loves the snow. Dogs usually love it as a toy!

  2. Snow is also part of my childhood in Europe, but I can't say I miss it. I acknowledge its beauty, but it's part of the cold, wet winter,and I am no fan of this season.

  3. Oh really does look gorgeous! Especially with that beautiful blue sky. I hope it will last or snow again for Christmas. Please let us know about the insulin and if you are able to get it this week. I'm keeping you in my prayers!

  4. I'm so glad you have this snow now; at a time Faith really needs it. Poor juniper! Did you know that in the deep winter, junipers are one of the few things that halp many birds's the juniper berries.

  5. So sorry about the tree but perhaps the other half will survive.
    The snow is really pretty and I am so envious. We don't get much here.

  6. Hi Inger - it looks amazing ... what a delightful set of photos ... snow in the desert. Your poor juniper tree - I hope the branch goes to a good home once Mark can help you with it.

    Faith will enjoy romping around ... and as Lavender says I hope your insulin turns up this weekend ...

    Take care - mind the slippery surfaces ... big hugs and cheers Hilary

  7. Hoping the snow lingers or another lot falls right on Christmas Day.Faith, like our cats, knows so well when anything is altered even slightly. The branch will contribute to another person's warmth, and so the circle of the life of a tree continues.Love those landscape photos, truly beautiful.

  8. That's beautiful. I'm guessing you must live at a fairly high elevation. No snow where I live, but very nice indeed to see the snow-capped mountains!

  9. Snow makes every thing clean and bright looking. I too love the snow.

  10. Your first three photographs show such a lovely scene with the snow and the wonderful blue sky.
    We've had a few grey days recently, hopefully over the weekend we may see some sunshine.

    All the best Jan

  11. 72 degrees in Virginia Beach today. Having grown up in Connecticut, I miss the white stuff. Not after New Years, you understand, but it would be nice this time of year.

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  13. OH! there is nothing like awakening to SNOW!
    the way it transforms everything. it's magical to me.
    and the pictures of your land are beautiful.
    it just makes everything better. especially when I'm retired!
    and don't have to drive in it. LOL. XOXO


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