Sunday, December 5, 2021

Second Sunday In Advent

On this second Sunday in Advent, I'm feeling better. No tears for Samson yet today. 

As I lit the second candle, it shone a light on the drawing of Samson that my blogger friend Cyndi made for Errol when he was so ill in the hospital. 

Thinking of her now, reminds me that I have lost contact with her. So many of the friends I made while blogging no longer blog. 

I bought Christmas cards. I must write a greeting and address the envelopes today and mail them tomorrow. 

Inga and Christina in Sweden are so thoughtful and kind. Every year they send me a Swedish calendar featuring puppies destined to be Guide Dogs for the blind. They are all so adorable, some of their little faces look just like Faith's did when she first arrived here. So sweet and so much appreciated by me. 

But then there's the post office, the service provided these days leaves a lot to be desired:

I sent a birthday card to Annette in Denmark last summer. It took 48 days for it to arrive!

I should have mailed them before Thanksgiving. I feel so lost in old age sometimes, but there's still time to make up for it. 

Getting a Christmas card toward the end of January...

Will that be OK?

I'm pretty sure it will. Because there is email to be used for a more punctual greeting and an update on my life. 

And then there's the telephone! Back in the days, before email, one would call on special occasions. 

Faith is sleeping on my bed. We comfort each other. Hilary was so right when she left a comment on my Samson post, noting that "Errol was so right to bring Faith into your life."

Faith helped me after Errol died, as she is helping me now. We have such a strong bond, she and I. 

None of this has anything to do with the second Sunday in Advent, but all to do with sorrow and love. 

On that note, I will end my ramblings and wish you all: 

Happy Second Sunday in Advent. 



  1. Thanks Inger - I remember your note at the time about Errol with Faith ... and then getting Samson to tune in with her, and vice versa ... just delighted to read that Faith is helping you through your loss of Samson.

    The post that snail-like stuff ... is dodgy isn't it - we can hope and then there's the surprise when one eventually arrives - nothing like a piece of snail mail.

    Delighted to see your post on the 2nd Sunday in Advent ... cheers and all the best as you both continue to adjust to Samson's sad loss ... take care and with hugs and love - Hilary

  2. your faithful Faith looks so comfy and I am so happy that you have her and that she has you. her heart hurts also... Hope you Advent sunday is a good one..

  3. Happy day, Inger! I'm glad you have Faith with you.

  4. I am so glad that you and Faith have each other. It makes the ache just a little less painful.
    As for mail, I don't mind the delayed cards too much. It makes the holidays last longer. I do subscribe to an e-card business which is helpful for being right on schedule providing the recipients have computers. I use Jacquie Lawson. Especially helpful with my brother traveling in his RV this time of year.

  5. As much as we love, so do we grieve with a loss, Faith will be there, and as Christmas nears, let your heart be filled with the love that is for you all over the blogging and friendship world, far and wide.XXXXX

  6. I am so glad you are doing well! The drawing of Samson is so good that at first I thoght it was a photo. Getting a card in January is even better, to my mind! Because all the holiday festivities are over, and it is a nice surprise!

  7. It must be a great comfort to have Faith with you at this time.
    What a beautiful drawing of Samson!!

  8. I think of you and Faith each day. sending you love. xo

  9. Inger, my friend. I am so sorry to read the news of your beloved Samson. What a treasure and wonderful friend and family member he was. Even though I never met him, after all these years of following your blog, I felt like I knew him, and I feel like I've lost one of my own dogs. He was truly a comfort in the sad times, and in the good times he was there to celebrate with you. And now, we all mourn his loss with you, and celebrate his life that was full, and one that ended taking all that love with him to the next life, where I know he had a big welcome and where he will wait until you can all be together again. God speed to this most special boy. Thank-you for sharing him with all of us, he will be missed and not forgotten. ❤❤

  10. So, so sorry to hear of Samson's passing. We get just as close to dogs as any other member of the family (sometimes closer!). Hang in there. They say time heals everything. Not sure I believe that, but it does at least start the healing process!

  11. I am thankful that you and Faith have each other.

    Take care in the week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  12. We wish you well too. Hugs from the beach.


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