Friday, December 10, 2021

Rust ~ Post No. 36

Three large diesel engines sit in one of my fields below. They are huge and too much work and expense would be needed to move them. 

Many years ago, I was in the shed when a man came to the open door and said, "hello, my name is Per Persson, and those engines in your field belong to me. I would like to have them back."

Actually, while left in my field, they did belong to me and Errol, who would have a problem giving them up. 

Errol had difficulties parting with things. The most annoying difference between the two of us, as far as I was concerned. 

Per Persson, he couldn't have had a more Swedish name than that, so we struck up a conversation about the engines, his mom who had just died, and bit of Sweden too. 

I told him my husband may have a difficult time letting the engines go, but that I would check with him. 

Of course Errol wanted to keep the engines. 

I'm sure we had some strong words between us. 

I never saw Per Persson again.

The engines are still here, and now I may have found some use for them: 

Rusty models for my blog! 


  1. They sure are interesting. Was Errol going to use them for something? My husband keeps things too. We have all kinds of spare parts and things and items in the garage. I like to lighten the load. It actually makes me happy to get rid of things, unless they are sentimental.

  2. Small items in the house (tools) can be cleaned with an anti-rust spray or liquid. Heavy things outside which bring me no benefit , I'll tend to get rid of them as they might serve as hiding places for snakes.

  3. Once again my comment vanished while I was typing!

  4. makes a great rust model and i would want them gone, wish you could find Per to give them back. bob is just like errol, once it lives here its here until bob is gone. we have 32 years of living here and the junk makes me crazy.

  5. I am a minimalist at heart. I didn't even know it had a label most of my life!
    my dad was also one. 'leave nothing but your footprint upon the land' type of thing.
    but we were also nomads and hauling everything around to move would have been daunting!
    I think everyone must live the way they want to if it doesn't hurt others. but it's interesting how often opposites marry and then one or the other of them has to give in to it!

  6. Think I would Google Per Persson. Pretty sure there aren't a bunch of guys out there with that name. The engine did have a good purpose though as a blog subject.

  7. There's a reason for everything! lol

  8. I was able to comment this time! I am over-the-top excited about that!!

  9. Good grief, how strange! This raises many questions. How did he even know they were there? Why would he even want them?

  10. Rusty things in the desert are fascinating. Some people call it "desert gold", and you have some! Another option would be a metal recycler. They would probably love to have that old motor!

  11. My husband would want to keep the wheels too. :)

  12. Very odd. I wonder if Per Person dumped them there and then wanted them back? My husband would want to keep them too. That's why our basement is overflowing!

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  14. Maybe Per Persson will show up again one of these day. Not likely of course. The rusting engines have a sort of sculptural beauty to them.

  15. Hi Inger - pity about Per Persson isn't around anymore ... one for keeping in touch re Sweden - but now he could help. Equally love your take on another solution - the rusty engines for your blog piece. Delightful ... cheers Hilary

  16. Rusty engines could become a collector's item some day.

  17. ... makes a very good rust model.

    All the best Jan


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