Friday, April 22, 2022

Remembering Errol. Earth Day, California Poppies & The Great Moose Migration Begins In Sweden


Today we celebrate Earth Day. 

I think of my late husband Errol. 

And note the arrival of the California poppies in our town, as well as the beginnning of the Great Migration of the Swedish Moose, as seen on Swedish TV @

I read in the Washington Post that Earth Day may bring some good and long overdue news about providing protection for America's oldest and biggest trees. Everyone was commenting anonymously, so I will leave it at that. Except to say I'm surprised this protection does not already exist. 

Driving through town, I saw poppies in the fields and decided to dedicate some pictures I took many years ago to the memory of my much loved husband, Errol, who passed away on this date, seven years ago.


Errol, who always brought me flowers for no special reason. I think he would love to be remembered this way.  

Or perhaps to be remembered with a beautiful mountain view. 

I miss you, Errol, but life goes on, as it must. 

So I'm posting this note on my blog and I will think of you with love today. 

I will think of the earth, as well. And the trees, those ancient ones, the ones who live here with me, old also. And all the rest of them. 

I'm becoming more and more interested in trees.

Joshua tree from the year of the poppy superbloom. The orange fields behind are all poppies. It was an amazing experince to see hillsides and fields, upon hillsides and fields, all covered in orange flowers. I will never forget it.

Happy Earth Day!



  1. Hello,
    The poppies are a lovely remembrance flower and a beautiful sight to see. I love the Joshua trees. The last photo is beautiful. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!

  2. Hari OM
    A lovely tribute post, Inger! Last year I watched the moose migration with much delight and lost many a peaceful hour to it! I must look it up again... YAM xx

  3. trees are my thing and that is a spectacular Joshua tree with fields of poppies and the gorgeous orange poppies are a perfect tribute to Errol. our earth is so beautiful and we need to preserve it and the living beings on it

  4. Nature is putting on a great display to honor Errol. So glad the poppies were in abundance on his day.
    I always loved trees but the book The Overstory made me a serious tree hugger. Should be required reading for schools.

  5. Hi Inger - yes Errol would love this post ... and oddly today in a 'class' I was in - we were asked what today's was ... I couldn't answer your question - but did get it right - Earth Day ...

    I love those Californian poppies and the spread of them across the hillside together with the Joshua tree - gorgeous - cheers and have a peaceful day - with thoughts - Hilary

  6. Lovely post and tribute to Errol. I have never forgotten first seeing hillsides behind San Francisco in March, covered in California poppies. I thought at first they were gardens.

  7. Happy Earth Day, Inger. I love seeing all the beautiful California poppies. Such a beautiful sight and a great reminder of Errol's bouquets of wild flowers to you to show his love.


  8. That last picture is beautiful! That must have been a sight! There is something fascinating to me about Joshua trees! Maybe because we don't have them around here (obviously) and I've only seen them one time in my life! I hope memories of Earl make you smile now.

  9. A lovely tribute ,with a field of glowing orange Californian poppies. I have some in my garden, and also the deep pink ones.So next year when they bloom again, I will remember you and your Errol.

  10. What a beautiful and touching tribute to Errol!!!

  11. The poppies are beautiful and a wonderful way to remember Errol.

  12. ahh i love this post - i feel the same way about trees and widlflowers and the earth. i know you must miss Errol so much and I think he probably likes this post. I'm one of those who believe they truly know what their loved one is doing - loves connects us infinitely through all kinds of fields of reality. He is probably walking right along with you as you walk among the poppies. (Title for a song ..Walk among the Poppies...if only i was a songwriter. Always enjoy your posts.

  13. these pictures glow.
    your tribute post is beautiful. and all your friends here have said it so well!
    sending you heartfelt love and admiration.
    keep walking among the poppies and the trees and the memories of Errol! XO

  14. Such wonderful pictures and a beautiful, sweet and lovely tribute to Errol!

  15. The fields of poppies are amazing - what a sight - a lovely tribute to Errol. Happy Earth Day Inger.

  16. Hi human friend, Ojo here! This is a beautiful way to remember your loved one!

  17. Such a beautiful tribute post Inger.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. I know you cherish your good memories of Errol and will always miss him. It sure is hard to lose someone so precious. I love your orange Poppies. I hope you see lots of pretty things in nature this week! Hugs!


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