Monday, April 4, 2022


I went out early on April 1, the weather was so gorgeous, I wanted to break out into Oh, what a beautiful morning! Since I can't sing, that would have scared some critters away, for sure.

I followed this fence.

One view as I walked.

As I walked uphill, my walk turned into the beginning of a hike and I felt really good. A bit less good as I noticed all this barbed wire wrapped around the remnant of a cut down juniper tree. I wondered who would come up here and cut down a juniper? And wrap it in some left over fencing, or old fencing being taken down. 

But still, junipers won't give up so easily. See the little tree at the end? There's just one long limb left of the original tree and it's on the ground, but this part of the tree survives. And in an exceptional drought, no less. 

Another view.

And one more. My pictures would be better, I imagine, if I used my camera, but the phone is so light and easy to use. And I need it with me for security anyway. 

Faith in the shade. Her vet came to visit us the other evening to give her the rattlesnake and kennel cough vaccines. She was happy visiting, but she's no dummy. As soon as he took out the needle and the rest, Faith jumped up in my lap as I sat on the couch. 

When I told her she should be a good girl because this nice doctor has come all this way to see you. The vet said, "and you," meaning me. He came after work to to make my life easier. It's a long drive. I'm so grateful for such kindness. I'm tearing up and all I can do, is say thank you and be amazed at the kindness of people.

Another view from my walk that almost became a hike. At least I walked uphill quite a bit. Maybe I'm getting a bit stronger after all. 

And the weather, so glorious first thing in the morning.


  1. Hello,
    Pretty views from your walk. It is strange someone would cut down the Juniper.
    It is convenient to have the vet visit you and Faith! Take care, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  2. Hari OM
    Nothing as as moving to the soul as the kindness of strangers (or at least, those not necessarily close to us). Funny thing - I saw Faith under the bush and my first thought was 'rattle snake!' - then read that she was getting shots for protection - I presume against poison, as one can't protect against strike as such. Well done on the hike - I may be 20 years junior to you but my body is not and arthritis has ensured no hiking for me anymore... YAM xx

  3. A doctor who comes to you? Wow! Warms the heart.

    Can juniper wood be used for anything? Not sure why someone would cut it down in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Proud of you to sticking with your walking program and delighted you can feel the renewed strength. I really need to do the same thing. It has just been so cold. How wonderful that your vet does house calls. Amazing.

  5. your views as you walks are beyond amazing to me, so much better than my zooming cars and miles of houses marching side by side. it sounds like your strength is coming back quickly. so happy you and Faith are walking. God bless that vet

  6. I think you're appreciated by the people around you. I expect the vet is happy to oblige someone who takes such care of her animals.

  7. Hi Inger - yes ... please don't ask me to sing! Brilliant you're getting out and up a bit more - love the photos you share with us. Yes Boud says it right ... you're thoughtful and kind to others, and I'm sure always have been, hence others are now happy to pay some of it back for you ... people are amazing - aren't they. Glad Faith has had her necessary shots: rattlesnake and kennel cough ... it's good to see her enjoying her walks too. Cheers and keep enjoying those walks ... Hilary

  8. What a wonderful vet you have. and how sweet of Faith...she did not run AWAY, she ran to your lap! there is an actual Rattlesnake vaccine?? i never knew that! do you have a lot of rattlesnakes there? Have any of your dgs ever been bitten? We just saw a vet show yesterday about a dog who was bitten. The venom digests the victim from the inside out, and turns the muscle to mush. We have juniper bushes out back. When the winter gets very bitter, they save the birds from starving.

  9. Inger, a great hike, and what a wonderful vet, to think of you too, kindness is found in so many, and they might not realise how much it means to the recipient.Hardy shrubs and trees, maybe an inbuilt instinct to survive. Faith, you are so good.

  10. Good for you and the upill walking. You're an inspiration - I'm behind you by a few years but I plan on always hiking and especially uphill also. I love your photos - the desert is so pretty in spring.

  11. What lovely photographs you've shared Inger.
    How nice of the vet to visit you and Faith, there are some wonderful kind folks in this world.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  12. Great walk
    I didn't know about a rattlesnake vaccine!

  13. A morning hike is the best way to start the day. I am not sure what the difference is in a hike and a walk, but I prefer hiking. You have great views.

  14. That really is wonderful that the vet came to your house! It does make us feel good about people when they care so much. What a nice walk and beautiful trees!

  15. Beautiful views and a nice walk/hike! I envy those blue skies because we have had only grey skies for a week!

  16. I often find myself wishing I had a good Vet to take care of me instead of a human doctor!
    and this post was beautiful. the pictures are fine. you can almost Feel the morning air.
    God bless you Inger. and He does. you have great friends and an even greater outlook on life itself. xo

  17. How sweet that Faith would jump into your arms for protection. And so sweet too, that your vet would make a house call for you.

  18. There are a lot of good-hearted people in the world!


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