Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Not Just In The United Sates

In Copenhagen a 22-year old man killed three and injured seven. 

The man apparently is mentally unstable. Not a terrorist. Noted with some relief, perhaps? Still, there seems to be far too many mentally unstable young men and far too easy access to big guns. 

In a Swedish city of medium size, a teenager was shot and injured. I didn't read the article, so I don't know they age of the shooter, just another young man or boy, I imagine. 

It appears to me that shootings are no longer unusual in Sweden. Even though mass shootings may be. 

I'm old enough to remember when the police in Sweden didn't carry guns. 

Then back to the United States, where so many people get killed by guns it's unimaginable. This time a mass shooting with six people killed (at the time when this article was written, I don't know if there are more now) and 30 people injured. 

My grandmother used to say, circa 1956, "I don't know what the world has come to, so many changes."

Yes, she lived during the first and second world wars, even though she didn't experience them first hand, living in Sweden. 

But I'm sure she never imagined or feared being shot down while walking on a city street or shopping in a grocery store. 


  1. I read about those shootings also. From the beginning I was afraid all the publicity our shooters were getting might foster copy cats. I never expected it to turn up in other countries. We are such bad examples. No where is safe anymore.

  2. Our life and all over the world is not how it should be, safety, security and more seem to have gone. I cannot understand the motive or reason behind it all. You are so right, parents and grandparents would be horrified to see what is happening now. I try so hard not to watch the news.

  3. True, and yet we still have to shop, keep appointments, live. No wonder people are anxious and irritable .

  4. there seems to be no answer for it! NPR reports that there were More mass shootings after the one who has killed (now 7) people! and the others have just not made it into national news. and the others were in various states.
    it's like living in the days of the old wild west.
    but it makes one not want to gather in public! it's a strange phenomenom of our times.
    something very basically Wrong!

  5. There is so much anger in the world. People are mad about every thing.

  6. Mass shooting is on the increase all over the world and doesn't seems to be slowing down. Public gatherings are no longer safe. A sad state of affair. Only Devine help can put a stop to this. There is a severe lack of love in the world and too much selfishness. A society who wants instant gratification and when they don't get what they want they resorts to shooting people.
    We need to pray for peace in the world and Devine intervention.


  7. Hi Inger - it is a sad time ... some how we all need to set leadership examples, particularly those at the top and be fair to all human beings. With thoughts - Hilary

  8. It is indeed sad, so many mass shootings all over the planet. Mankind is not doing what God had planned for us.

  9. Hi human friend, Ojo here! If People were like Dogs, the world would be very different!


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