Monday, October 12, 2009

A Fun Weekend

My husband and Samson, our three-month old Samoyed puppy, finally came home to the ranch on Friday morning. We spent a very full and fun weekend together and with family: Hiking with the dogs every morning, a birthday party in town, a wonderful Sunday brunch at our niece's house, and shopping at K-Mart and the Home Depot. It wouldn't be a weekend together without some good food, prepared by my husband, and this time it looked like this:

On our way to town on Saturday evening, a large bobcat crossed the road in front of our car. My director at UCLA once taught me the key to taking a good photo: Have your camera with you! Of course, I didn't this time. This was the largest bobcat we have seen so far and his markings were very dark, compared to the ones that come around our house.

But this weekend belonged to Samson! He is a very lively little fellow and a budding alpha male for sure. He is totally unafraid, messing with large dogs, biting their tails, paws and ears; learning to jump on furniture; exploring everything; and loving the doggie pool.

Meeting Angel.

Snuggling with Soldier.

Looking for the ball with Princess.

Hanging with the big guys!

Investigating with the pack.

Let's rest before we have to climb down this hill.

This is a lot of fun!

Oophs! I guess I got a little muddy!

Time for a nap.


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