Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Special People -- One Special Place

Congratulations Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary!

The sanctuary is the recipient of the ASPCA's Henry Bergh Award, one of 10 Humane Awards for 2009, this one named after the founder of the ASPCA. I was so happy to find out about this because Rolling Dog Ranch has always seemed to be the kindest of sanctuaries. It's awesome that they are now getting the recognition and support they so well deserve.

No, Samson isn't back! But he is just so darned cute......I couldn't help myself but had to add him to this story. He could perhaps represent one end of the spectrum of a dog's life. A happy and healthy puppy, who will be loved and well cared for in life. Many animals are not so fortunate, many are blind, deaf, have diabetes or are afflicted with many other types of disabilities. We all know what happens to most of them: abandoned, left to fend for themselves or euthanized.

A while back, I read a story of a little dog, named Blind Teddy. He truly touched my heart and I didn't forget him. He was not only blind, but suffered from severe diabetes that had never been treated, he had been starved, and was just let go to fend for himself. He was such a tiny dog, just a little dog! How human beings can be so cruel is beyond me. But this little dog was one of the lucky ones; he found a home at the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Montana. He lived a happy life at the sanctuary, where he liked to curl up in the owner's lap in the evenings. Unfortunately, as I just found out, little Blind Teddy passed away from complications of his diabetes soon after his story was published. His stay at the ranch was short, but I'm convinced he knew that he had found a wonderful home, caring persons, and LOVE at long last.

A friend of mine at UCLA told me about Rolling Dog Ranch several years ago. Co-founders Alayne and Steve left city life behind to start a sanctuary that would provide for disabled animals. I read that there are about 70 animals, nearly 2/3rds of them blind, living at the ranch right now: dogs, cats, and horses; maybe others as well. I know it can be difficult to take care of our healthy puppy and our three other more or less healhty dogs, so I know how hard Steve and Alayne must work every day. And times are tough now everywhere. So I just wanted to acknowledge them in my blog. Letting everyone know how much I admire them and how wonderful it is to know that there is a place for special needs animals where they can get the love and care they so badly need.

I added their blog to the list of My Favorite Blogs (see sidebar to the right). If you are interested, you can check them out from there.

But it is not over yet! Another wonderful thing is happening to these deserving people and their animals: The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary is Number ONE in the country right now in the Vote for Your Favorite Sanctuary contest. You know the one where you click to vote every day. Or as often as you remember. If they win, they will receive a $20,000 donation. Imagine how much that would help their little blind beagles, their other dogs, cats, and the many blind horses that reside at the ranch.

If you want to help with a simple click, you can open their blog and click from there. Or you can click on the purple Animal Rescue Site button in the sidebar to the right. If you click there, you must first click on the lavender Click Free to Give button (boy, I feel like I'm back at UCLA writing software manuals, sorry about that!!). In the new window that opens after that, you'll find the Vote Today button at top center. Just follow their directions and Vote. Note: Select MT for Montana in the list of states.

Again, I'm so happy that these animal caregivers are being recognized for what they do and for how much they care. They truly deserve all the good things that are happening to them.

Samson Says: I agree with this 100 percent!! (What's a percent, mommy?)

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful organization - glad you are giving them a boost in your blog....


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