Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Stormy Day In The Canyon

Yesterday, as storm clouds gathered around the mountains and my husband and Samson went back to the city, I took the trash to the dump and the recycle stuff to the recycle center.

When I got home, I went to get some firewood. This is left-over wood from last spring. It won't last long, but we have a lot more in the city that we need to bring up here.

I really like my new wheelbarrow....my old one was a rusty mess, left behind by previous owners.

Organizing the wood with Soldier looking on...that's his feet...sorry, paws.

Today brought some fog, mist, a little rain, and a fierce wind storm.

 Soldier seemed to say: "What, no walk today?"

But once I got the fire going, he was feeling cozy and

sat down to watch the rain while Angel slept.

Pippi Birdie was a bit concerned about all that fire so close to his house, but he too soon was enjoying the warmth and relaxed on his perch.

 We all enjoyed resting today after all the weekend activities. We also agreed that after you reach a certain age, while puppy love is wonderful, puppies can make you real tired.


  1. Fire looks warm and cozy - hope more wood comes up soon

  2. This seems to have been the week for storms...we've been rainy and blustery for the last few days. All sorts of branches and needles are down on the ground now. Roxy would actually love it if I *didn't* make her go out in it...but she's the goat girl and she needs to do her work every single morning - rain or shine! :-)
    Sure looks cozy with your fire going. Are you reading any good books lately?


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