Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friends Can Make Your Day

Hi again everyone, it's me.....Princess!

This morning my mommy woke up kind of blue. Blue means that she wasn't feeling very happy. But after she talked to a friend on the phone, she felt much better. It's good to have friends.

Here is a picture of two friends:

After she felt better, mommy decided to do some chores this morning. As usual, I got to help her. Yesterday, she took the dirt out of the small flower pots she had outside this summer. Today, she rinsed them out and put them in the shed.

Last week, mommy cleaned the hall closet and she had a lot of brushes and stuff she wanted to clean. So today, she took it all outside. First she dipped our doggie brushes in soapy water. Silly Soldier thought it was cotton candy. He got all excited and sniffed them and then he sneezed and sneezed! I had to laugh, he looked so surprised!

Mommy also found a pair of black sneakers she forgot she had in the closet, so she washed them and her regular sneakers too. And put them in the sun to dry. Then she found her gloves that she put in a bag last spring. They were full of fox tails! She took one look at them and put them right back in the bag. Fox tails are terrible for dogs. If we get one in our ear, we have to go to the VET! So I try to stay away from them. I hope she just throws away those old gloves.

After that, mommy got some duct tape and fixed the covers around the outside water faucet. The one inside our enclosure is still OK for the winter. Then she decided to repair the trash can lid. She tried it before, but it broke again so she only uses that can for recycle stuff. Otherwise a lot of MICE can get into the trash and that's very bad. The mice really like Pippi Birdie's seeds and always try to find some leftovers. This time mommy put the duct tape on the inside of the lid and I think it will work better.

After that, mommy rinsed the enclosed area and then she rinsed her car. That car gets rinsed every day almost! It's because it is so dusty here. I'm dusty too, but I'm so glad I don't get rinsed off every day. That would be just terrible!

If you look closely, you can see a rainbow.

Then mommy and I took a break and sat on the porch and looked out over the fields.

It was a very nice morning and we got a lot done. See how nice it is to have friends, they can change your whole day.

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry there is some blue-ness going around your desert canyon area. Glad there was a friend on the phone that could brighten the day so! Looks like there's an awful lot of productivity going on, too...made me sleepy just reading all the things you got done. I really need to start thinking about putting all my pots and tools away...but ugh...no fun!

  2. It's okay to throw those gloves away!!! Just walk to the trash can, throw them in and quickly walk away before you decide to keep them! Ha Ha
    Sorry you had a blue day. But glad you had someone to talk with to help you over it. Hugs.

  3. Don't throw those gloves away - put your gray magic tape to work. Just form a circle around all of your fingers (sticky side out) and attached the tape to itself. Then put the glove on the other side and tack it with the sticky tape. It will pull most of the foxtails out and adhere them to the tape. You can pull the tough ones left out one at at time and stick them to the tape too. It will take off the loose dirt and other grasses etc. It may take a couple of loops of tape for each glove but.... otherwise you will be buying new gloves every time you work at your place.... Come on Girl.... get back into the pioneering save the planet mode and recycle those ucky gloves.... you go girl! Gray Duct tape can be your Hero! Give Princess a hug for your report today. I clicked on all of your ads too!


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