Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Morning By Princess

Hi again, it's me Princess! And I want to tell you about our fun morning.

Look at mommy! I wonder if she thinks it's Halloween already. She looks like she is going out to scare someone! That's what I thought this morning, but then I heard her talking to herself, saying: "Brrrr, it's only 18 degrees out there so I better dress real warm. I'm glad I found my mittens and winter hat." Mommy likes cold weather, just like me, but because she doesn't have any FUR, she has to dress real warm. I have DOUBLE FUR! That's how I stay warm.
We all had a lot of ENERGY and walked very far this morning. I spotted a rabbit and took off after it! You probably can't see me, but I was chasing it. I never catch any, but I love to chase them. They are very FAST!
Here I am coming back from my chase.
When we got home, mommy built a fire so we could all be warm and cozy.
I love a nice fire and I soon felt drowsy from my long walk and rabbit chase, so I laid down in my special corner and went to sleep. It was a very nice morning and I wanted to tell you all about it. See you soon again.....

Posted by me, Princess!


  1. I adore the pic of you all dressed up real warm. That smile says it all!! Looks and sounds like it was a fantastic morning. And that fire made me all warm and cozy just looking at it.

  2. Just caught up on your blogs - what a different a few days make in your weather... Love the photo in the winter attire... and the fire....


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