Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's That White Stuff On The Ground?

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window this morning! Looks like snow, but was probably hail from the tail-end of yesterday's storm.

It's getting colder!

Took the dogs up to the barn to see what damage the storm did to the tumble weeds.

Some of them landed here, others in the barbed wire fences all around. Most of them were still in the ground, so there's work to be done here.

My car got really messed up in the storm. Lots of sand and dirt....the worst I've ever seen it.

I had to wash it, of course, but first I wanted to spray the engine with Critter Out to protect the wires from nibbling mice. Surprise! Look what I found when I opened the hood!

I've been looking for these, brand new, gardening gloves for over two weeks now and here they were all that time. And, yes, I have been driving the car so good they didn't fall out or into the engine.....

I must say, one of the joys of old age promises to be when you find an item you lost weeks ago, looked for everywhere, in all the sensible and probable places, and then you find it in the weirdest and most unexpected location. I got a good laugh out of it....what else can you do?

After I washed the car, I weeded some more, brushed Princess' coat, cut one of Soldier's toenails (he only lets me do one at a time, try for more and he squirms, and he can squirm his way out of most situations), washed some stuff and hung on the line and that was pretty much my morning. Hope you had a good one too.

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