Monday, December 6, 2010

I've Never Seen Clouds Like These

Last night, I noticed these clouds

that looked like giant birds or

perhaps an illustration in my favorite book of Japanese poems.

I would love to find out what they are called and under what conditions they are formed. They looked very, very unusual and with all the clouds I get here, I have never seen clouds like these.

We ended up with a powerful rainstorm last night. I know our road will be nothing but a mud-bath. I'm going back to the chiropractor this morning so I'm glad I don't have to deal with snow at least. Dr. B., the very nice chiropractor, originally from Australia, will treat the whiplash injury to my back. I couldn't do anything about my back pain earlier when my shoulder was so painful, but now I will try this. 

Have a good day!


  1. Oh those clouds are neat! Giant winging birds!

  2. Those are unusual looking clouds. Might try the internet to find out what they are called. We have beautiful clouds here in Oklahoma. I take pics all the time of them. My mother was an artist and could paint the most beautiful clouds.How did you get a whiplash?

  3. Not sure what those clouds are really called, we call them horse hair or horse tails, just lower hanging clouds that want to be bigger, I think!

    Take care on your muddy run to town, I hope he makes your back feel better!

  4. Yes, my first impression was also of birds, or a scene from a Scandinavian fairy tale - I have no idea what they might be called ...

    Good luck at the chiropractor - back pain is no laughing matter.

  5. I like you love to watch the sky for different formations. I hope your appt goes well. It takes awhile for chiropractic to work so it does involve many appointment trips, but don't you feel better when you come out after things are all lined up, oh to have them just stay that way!!

  6. Yes they do look like birds!

  7. I've heard of clouds like that prior to the arrival of a space ship...Of course I'm just kidding! :-))) They certainly are unusual, and I don't know that I've seen ones like that before.

    I hope your week is off to a good start!

  8. Those clouds do remind me of shadows of birds, they are very beautiful.

    Good luck at the chiropractor... I hope it helps!

  9. I agree those clouds do look like huge birds ~ I do hope Dr.B. will be able to help get rid of that pain caused by Whiplash ~ Ally x

  10. don't know what kind of clouds they are. Tried googling it but no luck...actually too much to look at...sorry!Take care

  11. Hope things went well today at the chiro, Inger.

    Those clouds are interesting. I guess considering all the possibilities up there, one never knows what to expect.

  12. mares tails are usually high whispy and against a clear sky. these look low and are backed by high cover. They may represent low turbulance

    Inger I have seen cloud formation like this but I cannot tell you the name or the whys.

    You might find some answers by posting your photos to Flickr in the ID Please group or in one of the cloud and sky groups. I find "ID Please" to be filled with helpful knowledgeable nature nuts.

    be sure to give info on your location general weather at the time and anything else that might help qualify .

    I will look further in my references when I get home.

  13. Love these cloud pics. Good luck with the chiropractor! My grandma swears by them.

  14. I think the first one looks like a dragon. Whatever they are called, I like them. Good eye, Inger! You don't miss much. :)

  15. I don't know what those clouds are called either! Nice! I hope the appointment makes you more comfortable.

  16. So how do you feel? Did the Chiro work?

    Canyon Girl, the clouds look like elongated mare's tails...of course, I'm just guessing but they do look like giant birds...great find!

  17. Thank you all for your comments. I am completely wiped out right now, so I'm writing back to all of you. Hope you don't mind. This was my first chiropractor treatment I've ever had. I saw him after the accident, but just had heat and tense then. Do you get tired after appointments, I wonder. I loved the way those clouds looked and you could see them so much better in real life.

    Christine: I fell in May and broke my upper arm, then was in a car accident in Sept. that didn't help any.

    Sophie: Did you really Google? I didn't know dogs knew how to do that. Thank you my girl, that was so nice of you. I'm too tired to Google myself, so I asked my Upupaepops friend (she knows everything)and she may find out for me.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  18. Interesting clouds. Hope it went well at the Chiro... My back hurts very bad since Thurs. , can you have him give you an adjustment for me while you're there?

    Actually, my sis works for a Chiro and she convinced me to go once but that was before my back pain so wasn't really any help. Take care, Inger..


    interesting site

    I think they are altostratus and the wisps might be from air currents pulling down strands. with your higher elevation I can imagine when warm and cold collide over your terrain you will see some interesting effects.

    altostratus usually means weather /precipitation soon ( here in the northwest)

  20. Wisps! I love them.....doesn't the sky seem magical at times?
    Take care of you!!!!

  21. I love the clouds and I love taking pictures of clouds. But I have no idea under what conditions they are formed.

    Hope all went well with the Dr. today!

  22. first of all, i hope your back pain is under control and you're getting relief. secondly, those clouds remind me of the flying monkeys in wizard of oz!! wow, strange! never seen any like that either.

  23. What unusual clouds - I can't say I've seen their like either.


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