Saturday, December 11, 2010

Samson Gets In Trouble

Thanks to all of you who commented on my 'Feelin' Good" post. It's wonderful to feel so much better all at once. I'm so glad I have my thrift store shopping in common with so many of you guys. It is the most fun shopping, I think. And, yes, I'm blessed to always have had that appreciation for the things in life that don't cost a whole lot. Nature, animals, walking, and thrift shops are among them. Feeling healthy is great too.

I wrote this post a while ago, but then Samson has been so good, I never posted it. This morning, however, as I was mopping my kitchen floor, I looked out the door and saw that he was busy digging a huge hole in the wet dirt and leaving a pile of it in front of the door. The door that all three dogs have to enter to come back in the house. So I stopped mopping, let them in, and went in here to send an email. Then I smelled something, and yes, he had done it in the living room! So I will have to fix the outside, sweep all that new dirt off the floor, and finish mopping before I have some time to read your blogs, something I have missed. And, yes, I know that Samson needs a lot of exercise that he isn't getting right now. My husband and I will work on me walking Samson when he gets here at Christmas. Samson needs a lot of work that I haven't been able to do, but I will now that I feel stronger.

Fannie Flagg wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, her most famous book that was made into a movie. My favorite: Standing in the Rainbow, is a hilarious account of Norman Rockwell's time, with a huge dose of crazy, zany, nutty folks thrown in the mix. If you ever feel down, this one will make you feel better, guaranteed.

Samson Says:

Let me tell you about all the trouble I've been in lately.

One day when Daddy was here, they left us alone for a long, long time and I got sooo bored that after I chewed on my bone and my toys, I went for the bottom of the bookcase. I pulled out some books and started chewing. When Mommy and Daddy came home they found all these books chewed on: 

Mommy was upset because I chewed on her Mr. Jelly Roll book. What kind of name is that, I ask you. But Mommy said he was a famous musician way, way back in the day when jazz was born in New Orleans. OK, so I learned something, but what good it will do me, I don't know. Then Daddy said: "Bad, bad boy, you chewed on my Sailing book that I love so much!" Oh, boy, was I in trouble! But Daddy just said: "Well, you ate some books and I hope you learned something." Then they let me outside -- that was my only punishment. I must say, they're pretty good as far as punishments go.

Then one day, I heard Mommy yell: "You bad, bad boy, you really scared me! I thought this was a skunk that had gotten in the house!" Well, I had to laugh, that's just the inside of this loveseat that I've been busy tearing apart!

I knew she'd given up on it, so I didn't think it was a big deal. Before I came to live here, it already belonged to the dogs so, naturally, I thought I could tear it up and eat some of it. But Mommy told me it was just for us dogs to sit on and look out the window or to take a nap on, not to destroy. Sorry Mommy! It's just that my teeth itch because I'm still a young dog. I know I got my bones and toys, but sometimes I just have to find something new to chew on.

Then she caught me in the bed all dirty from the digging I had just done outside. She wasn't too mad, she just told me to get down from there. And that I did, because I'm basically a very good and obedient dog. 

But one day the bathroom door was open and I went inside. Then the door closed and I couldn't get out. I barked and barked, but Mommy didn't hear me.  Then I found something interesting on the floor that I immediately attacked! 

Turns out it was Mommy's cell phone. Well, I ask you, how was I to know? If it was so important, why was it on the floor? I tend to think that anything on the floor is mine to chew on. This is how it looked after I was done with it. I didn't think it looked too bad, but Mommy was upset because she said I broke it and no one could call her any more. And all the phone numbers of a gazillion people were lost forever. 

Mommy was so upset that when she let me outside I felt I better roll over to show her how very sorry I was. But I want to let you in on a little secret: Mommy hated that phone and she's wanted a new one, like forever. So when Daddy came with the car, they went to the store. Turns out she was eligible for something called an upgrade. So now she has a brand new phone that she got for FREE! It even has a camera in it so she can take my picture any time. See -- I really did her a favor. Now about all those lost phone numbers………

Have a great day everyone!

Posted by Samson the Samoyed Pup.


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