Saturday, December 11, 2010

Samson Gets In Trouble

Thanks to all of you who commented on my 'Feelin' Good" post. It's wonderful to feel so much better all at once. I'm so glad I have my thrift store shopping in common with so many of you guys. It is the most fun shopping, I think. And, yes, I'm blessed to always have had that appreciation for the things in life that don't cost a whole lot. Nature, animals, walking, and thrift shops are among them. Feeling healthy is great too.

I wrote this post a while ago, but then Samson has been so good, I never posted it. This morning, however, as I was mopping my kitchen floor, I looked out the door and saw that he was busy digging a huge hole in the wet dirt and leaving a pile of it in front of the door. The door that all three dogs have to enter to come back in the house. So I stopped mopping, let them in, and went in here to send an email. Then I smelled something, and yes, he had done it in the living room! So I will have to fix the outside, sweep all that new dirt off the floor, and finish mopping before I have some time to read your blogs, something I have missed. And, yes, I know that Samson needs a lot of exercise that he isn't getting right now. My husband and I will work on me walking Samson when he gets here at Christmas. Samson needs a lot of work that I haven't been able to do, but I will now that I feel stronger.

Fannie Flagg wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, her most famous book that was made into a movie. My favorite: Standing in the Rainbow, is a hilarious account of Norman Rockwell's time, with a huge dose of crazy, zany, nutty folks thrown in the mix. If you ever feel down, this one will make you feel better, guaranteed.

Samson Says:

Let me tell you about all the trouble I've been in lately.

One day when Daddy was here, they left us alone for a long, long time and I got sooo bored that after I chewed on my bone and my toys, I went for the bottom of the bookcase. I pulled out some books and started chewing. When Mommy and Daddy came home they found all these books chewed on: 

Mommy was upset because I chewed on her Mr. Jelly Roll book. What kind of name is that, I ask you. But Mommy said he was a famous musician way, way back in the day when jazz was born in New Orleans. OK, so I learned something, but what good it will do me, I don't know. Then Daddy said: "Bad, bad boy, you chewed on my Sailing book that I love so much!" Oh, boy, was I in trouble! But Daddy just said: "Well, you ate some books and I hope you learned something." Then they let me outside -- that was my only punishment. I must say, they're pretty good as far as punishments go.

Then one day, I heard Mommy yell: "You bad, bad boy, you really scared me! I thought this was a skunk that had gotten in the house!" Well, I had to laugh, that's just the inside of this loveseat that I've been busy tearing apart!

I knew she'd given up on it, so I didn't think it was a big deal. Before I came to live here, it already belonged to the dogs so, naturally, I thought I could tear it up and eat some of it. But Mommy told me it was just for us dogs to sit on and look out the window or to take a nap on, not to destroy. Sorry Mommy! It's just that my teeth itch because I'm still a young dog. I know I got my bones and toys, but sometimes I just have to find something new to chew on.

Then she caught me in the bed all dirty from the digging I had just done outside. She wasn't too mad, she just told me to get down from there. And that I did, because I'm basically a very good and obedient dog. 

But one day the bathroom door was open and I went inside. Then the door closed and I couldn't get out. I barked and barked, but Mommy didn't hear me.  Then I found something interesting on the floor that I immediately attacked! 

Turns out it was Mommy's cell phone. Well, I ask you, how was I to know? If it was so important, why was it on the floor? I tend to think that anything on the floor is mine to chew on. This is how it looked after I was done with it. I didn't think it looked too bad, but Mommy was upset because she said I broke it and no one could call her any more. And all the phone numbers of a gazillion people were lost forever. 

Mommy was so upset that when she let me outside I felt I better roll over to show her how very sorry I was. But I want to let you in on a little secret: Mommy hated that phone and she's wanted a new one, like forever. So when Daddy came with the car, they went to the store. Turns out she was eligible for something called an upgrade. So now she has a brand new phone that she got for FREE! It even has a camera in it so she can take my picture any time. See -- I really did her a favor. Now about all those lost phone numbers………

Have a great day everyone!

Posted by Samson the Samoyed Pup.


  1. Oh what a cute and naughty and cute boy!!!!! I just love him! But I know with his youth and with being a boy, he is a handful!!

    Boys are always trouble!!! :)

  2. Oh, Samson, you are so incorrigible, but you are so, so pretty and cute!

  3. Oh, Samson, what is your Mommy going to do with you? Has Jill been emailing you and telling you what great things to get into? Sigh.... You're still young.. um.. sigh..

    Jill got in trouble today too, what's a Mommy to do? She ate a pair of safety glasses!

  4. texwisgirl: After our beloved, but big trouble, Bandit, I told my husband: No more boy dogs. And what did I get? Two boy dogs! Soldier is no problem and Samson is basically a very good dog, but he just needs to run a lot, be walked, learn some good manners. Fortunately he has a very sweet disposition.

    Barbee: Yes, cute he is! And very sweet too.

    Sharon: Samson says: She ate some safety glasses!! Well, I ate a cell phone, so I guess we're about even! Hope her tummy doesn't hurt!

  5. UH OH Samson, you really did get into mischief...and there's something to be said for that. It is called 'unconditional love' and that happens even when we are bad!
    Please try to stay out of trouble Samson and be kind to you Mommy~

  6. Haha - I just love the look in Samson's eyes in the first pic.

    When I started reading this post I thought you were going to say that, even though you'd written this post awhile ago, you hadn't posted it because Samson had eaten it ... now THAT would have been a good excuse hey ...

  7. Inger, Sampson is a Samoyed, right? They are a working breed if I'm not mistaken. Typically a "rule of thumb" for working breeds is that a dog that's bored can result in behavioral issues (i.e.chewing). Sounds like he needs to be put to work. By work I mean play...but make him "think" it's work..commands to "pick it up, bring it, tug/pull...with a task attached. They also are VERY companion driven...constant inside or out....:)JP

  8. Too funny, I laughed out loud!!!(and I needed that)
    I've missed reading everyone's blogs.
    Now I'm playing catch up.

  9. Pretty difficult to stay 'mad'at such a cute dog!
    We are not sure if Sophie would eat everything in sight if we left her alone.....she is always with us. We don't really want to test her either!
    Our last dog 'loved' to chew things to smithereens!

  10. An Italian proverb goes something like this: not all bad things come to hurt us. Samson was a great dog to get you a new and free cell phone! Yeah, the numbers.... couldn't they be saved?

    The books... not so nice, but how could anyone be mad at his sweet, irresistible, cute face?

  11. Tracy: He's been good for such a long time, I didn't even get mad today.

    OneStonedCrow: You are too funny!

    Home In The Hollow: Yes, he is a working breed. Most of our dogs have been so I know his needs are not being met. He is here b/c my husband is working on the LA house and it was a bit too soon for me to take him in. Now that I'm getting better, I will work with him.

    Terry: Samson says he's happy his antics made you laugh.

    Jim: Samson needs EXERCISE and a purpose in life. I've been too injured to do anything with him, but it will change soon.

    Sandra: On my new phone I can save them to the sim card. Can't be mad at him b/c he is a very caring and thoughtful dog for the most part. And I have to work with him now that I'm better.

  12. Inger I'm going through this with Kalen at 8 months old. This will pass with him but I loose a few things in the process, oh well we love our dogs don't we. Samson is a breed that really love to dig too I believe. Fortunately for us we let the two dogs out on the property, watch them out the windows and they work themselves out chasing and playing, thank goodness for having two this has really helped us out.

  13. I'm sure it's all just a big misunderstanding. No way could Samson have done all of those bad things. I think the cat did it. ;)

  14. Have you read the Mitford series? They are by Jan Karon. At Home in Mitford is the first one. Very entertaining reads. I laugh out loud when reading them.

    Note to Samson. You are a dog and you do what dogs do. Chew and dig. Be proud.

  15. Awwww, Sam, I am not really sure you are the one that did these things. You are toooo-too cute. Gerry

  16. You really have to love dogs a lot to live with them!!!

  17. Well Samson is ornery but sure cute! I enjoyed reading this.

  18. I know it's hard to be mad at our pups when they've gone so long being good--But Samson really did do you a favor since you got a new and 'cooler' phone!!

    I hope you've had a good weekend!

  19. You will forgive him for anything won't you Inger,I know Minki gets away with murder too...Our Flower is a 4 yo female and she chews up everything she sees, expensive riding hats,bridles,gloves,phones ....whatever she is just plain naughty!

  20. Samson,
    I won't judge, because Mom says I used to be the dog from hell. Let me just say that some of these antics are going to send you to sleeping in the dog house. When I stopped destroying and potty-ing on the floor, I got dibs on the middle part of the bed and got to sleep there all night. Just sayin' You might want to re-think your plan of action when you feel like getting even. Rewards come along with good behavior... or at least they did in my case. Hey listen Samson, I hope you stay out of trouble now. And if you need any advice... I'm here for ya buddy! I've got my Mom almost where I want her now... thanks to the mom-psychology I use on her. XXX by the way, you're one good-looking pup! Gracie.

  21. Nan: I'm scared to let Samson loose here. He grew up in the city and now that I don't have Princess to watch my dogs(she was a border collie mix and no one got away from her)he has to wait until I get well enough to work with him. I will start just about now with that.

    Nancy: Samson Says: No cats around here to blame things on. Maybe the bird!

    Christine: I've heard of the books, but not read them. I know they will be in my local library, so I will check them out later.

    Gerry: Samson Says: It was the bird!

    Farmchick: I never wanted a puppy at my age, but once they come into your life, you just have to love them. It's simple.

    Sandy: Samson Says: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Kim: The same to you.

    Liesl: Samson Says: Oh, Flower is old and still chews!! Better not tell my Mommy.

    Gracie: Samson Says: That's a nice reward for being good -- middle of the bed, eh! Thanks for the advice and for your compliment. I think you're very cute too. A little small for me perhaps, but cute!

  22. Oh Samson, you made me laugh! But you were naughty!

  23. That's too funny! I got an upgrade last year and I hated it! The battery on my old slim phone had given up its soul, so hubby bought me a new one. Ick, ick, ick! It was much too complicated and "efficient" for me, so I bought a new battery for the old phone (worth more than the phone itself!!) and surrendered the upgrade into the hands of hubby. ;) Ah... techologoy!

  24. My English Setter, Jenny, loved new leather. Once I was missing my watch and I found it weeks later, but just the face, the straps had been chewed. The best one was she ate my husbands new hiking boots down to the ankle! Some dogs have the chewing habit more than others. Oh, yes books, too. I still have an art book that has chewed edges, but I could not bear to throw it away.


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