Friday, December 10, 2010

A Very Good Day, Indeed!

Yesterday, the dentist successfully completed the root canal, saved the tooth, and saved me a ton of money. Since money is in short supply here right now, this is the best news I could share with you. I'm touched by your concern for both my root canal and my injuries. My shoulder is much better and I'm doing the range of motion exercises at home. I see the chiropractor for the whiplash injury to my back. It will take a while, but I'm now at the point where I can work on getting stronger and getting past all that happened.

I was early for my appointment, so with some time to spare, I stopped by one of the thrift shops in town. With the exception of bookstores and thrift shops, I truly don't like to shop. Since this store also has a ton of books, it's fun for me to look for treasures there. Yesterday, I needed a fairly large Christmas basket for gifts and then I wanted to look for books. 

I found this basket for $3.00 and it came with a bonus: Pine cones. It will work perfectly.

Then on my way to the books, I spotted a huge basket with plastic bags full of soap. Now, I just won those wonderful homemade soaps from Nancy's drawing, but these were very different. Small sample soaps, some from good manufacturers, others from various hotels from the best spas to Motel 6. So, not knowing what the coming year will bring, I figured at least we will be clean, because these soaps will last for a very long time. I bought two bags, for $1.00 each, and got close to 50 little soaps. They will work perfectly as guest soaps and in my kitchen soap dish. 

Then, on to the real treats! I walked over to the books and didn't have the patience for all the paperbacks, stacked out of order and sideways, so I focused on the hardcover books that sold for $1.00 each. The first one that caught my attention was Coming Attractions, by Fannie Flagg. 


I thought I had read all her books, but I missed this one. By transporting me back in time to small town America with apple trees in the back yard, daisies in front, and houses surrounded by white picket fences, no one cheers me up like Fannie Flagg. The people in her books are so real, always slightly nuts and so much fun. Of course, I know that the early 1950s were not at all an ideal time in America or the world. But setting that aside, her books are thoroughly enjoyable reads.

The great Frank McCourt wrote his memoirs as a trilogy, covering his childhood in Ireland in the very successful Angela's Ashes, followed by 'TIS, and ending with Teacher Man. After reading the first and last books of the trilogy, I have longed to read the middle one. Being frugal, I was hoping to get it from the library, but without a car for so long, I haven't been there in ages. Imagine how thrilled I was when I spotted a very new and unread looking book on the shelf. Yes, it was the book 'TIS. Sometimes life is good!

So yesterday was a wonderful day, indeed. Hope you all have a great one today. 

After catching up on some other work and chores around here, I plan to spend hours in the coming days, reading all your blogs. I have missed you all.


  1. Good to hear things are going much better for you.

  2. Good to hear that things are better for you! Getting all those wonderful bargains was sure a feather for your cap! It sounds like a really wonderful day for you!


  3. Glad to hear your dental work went well. I also love finding books, on the cheap, that I have been looking for. Always a nice surprise.

  4. Glad you had such a great day. I love thrift stores, and like you browsing for book is my favourite thing to do, for some do reason I love cook books too,even though I am not much of a cook, but always think maybe one day I will try all these things. lol...I guess I should read the books I have too. As for you, get comfy on your couch with the fire going and enjoy the books.

  5. Very happy you're feeling better, Inger. I was a bit worried when I read your previous posts. I mean, that tooth situation sounded scary. But he saved it, YAY!

    I was a kid in the Fifties so my memories are more tra, la, la, the Norman Rockwell stuff that painted a picture, I often think, of how people wanted it to be.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great news on the completion of the root canal that is always a big plus to save a tooth and a big relief when it's over. I love used books stores myself and I've never read Fannie Flagg but have read Frank McCourt, not this one however. I grew up in Sacramento in the 50's and it was a really wonderful time to grow up for me, the innocent days for sure.

  7. Glad to hear that the trip to the dentist was a good one.
    I love bookstores and thrift shops also. Great places to explore and buy.

  8. I count it a good day also when I find some economical finds. Liz and I go "junkin" all the time when we get together. She's much better than I am however.

  9. Glad to hear the root canal thing is over! And I love shopping for finds like you got here! :)

  10. This is awesome, Inger! First of all about your dentist visit... glad it went well!! I have a pretty big collection of soaps, shampoos, shower caps etc. from hotels that I go to that I use when I get low. What a great find 4 you! That book sounds wonderful... I remember Fannie Flagg from television. She was really funny but I've never read any of her books. I will have to look into that :) Anyway, so glad you're back and that you had such a good day!!!

  11. love the way you enjoy the "smaller" things in life!!!

  12. There's nothing like finding just what you weren't looking for at a thrift store.

    Such a satisfying feeling. Happy you had a good dental appointment. After my peanut brittle incident, I need to go next week to see if my dentist can reattach my crown that got pulled out.

    Have a great weekend, Inger! :)

  13. I love all your treasures...aren't days like that fun!
    Glad you are getting yourself healthy and back to feeling good; or at least better, so you can move forward to enjoy the holidays.

  14. So glad to see you had a great day! See, root canals aren't so bad, eh? lol
    You got me thinking Inger that my other crowns are or will be vulnerable! Yikes. But I am brave and have a great dentist!
    I like Frank McCourt too. And that soap!

  15. Oh, I LOVE thrift stores and book stores! And, yes, sometimes I find books at the thrift store. I like John Grisham books and I'm too cheap to buy them new. So, this fall, my favorite thrift store had a BUNCH of them! I think I bought 7 of them and I'm now reading those books.

  16. Oh yay! That was a good day indeed. So glad they saved your tooth and the rom in your shoulder is improving. I accidentally learned a good trick for my fingers that might work for you too - I do my finger exercises in the shower. The warm water works wonders, and I can actually bend them in the shower!
    I'm looking forward to your book reviews on your new books.

  17. Hi Inger, I’ve been out of town for work this week and working on catching up this weekend. So glad you had a great day and what wonderful finds you made it home with. Love the basket and I have to tell you, I’ve never read Fannie Flag but I think I would love it. Have a great weekend :)

  18. I love the pinecones in the basket... a favorite of mine. I have a red bucket full of them right now with a green wreath set on top. So cozy! (and I'm a thrift store shopper, too!) Hugs!

  19. I knew there was a reason I like you....I too hate to shop except at the thrift store. Most people think I am nuts but that okay because now I know I have company:) Love the soaps, usually save them from the hotels when we travel.

  20. a great day, indeed! first of all, so glad to hear the news about the saved tooth and the good recovery you're having from your injuries. second, the basket is a nice one and thanks for the tips on fanny flagg - i've never heard of her! have a good saturday!

  21. Hi Inger, I came here to check on you about your tooth and I read that you got it all completed successfully. I am glad.
    My pain has settled down with the antibodic and I get the root canal precedure done Monday. Hopefully, done in one sitting. I hope to do some shopping too, afterwards.... yea!

  22. I love thrift stores. We happened to go out to one today looking for some clothes for the grandkids to have here when they play and get dirty. I find the nicest clothes for so cheap. Just wash them up and always have a fresh supply.

    Glad your dental thing turned out okay.


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