Friday, December 3, 2010

My Prize Arrived and With It The Christmas Spirit Came to Our House!

Nancy, thank you so much for the prize I won. Nancy, who blogs here had a drawing for all those who left comments on her blog in November, and I won!  And what's so special is that I won things I truly love. 

This lovely teacup and bags of tea. I drink several cups of tea a day and I'm looking forward to trying these. I love the pretty cup.

And this coaster that Nancy made. Nancy, it's prettier in real life than in the picture and I needed one very much. 

Also made by Nancy, these soaps include another favorite of mine: Ginger. I sprinkle ginger on my oatmeal every morning and anytime I have yogurt, ginger goes on top. Ginger is good for arthritis pain and I wonder if the soaps will be soothing on my sore hand. It would not surprise me if this was so.

Then these magnets that I'm guessing Nancy may have made as well. I think I see some reindeer in them and many other critters too. I know I can use them on my refrigerator or any other place where they will stick.

But it doesn't end there: Nancy remembered my dogs with these goodies and a little note for my furry friends. That really touched my heart and I know how much they will appreciate this gift. I'm adding it to their Christmas presents pile. (No pile yet, but come Christmas, there will be one).

And, finally, Nancy included this card. Made by the Humane Society, I had a whole bunch of them at one time and sent them to friends. The same day I picked up this prize from the post office, I mailed some Christmas cards to Sweden. Earlier that day, as I looked through my stuff for appropriate return address labels, I came upon the labels that went with these cards. And I swear, I thought these are sooo cute, I am sorry now that I didn't keep a card for myself. And then Nancy included one! I couldn't believe it, but there it was, with a very sweet note inside for me.

Thank you, Nancy for all these wonderful gifts, well prizes, I guess, but it truly felt like Christmas came early to our house this year. 


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