Thursday, December 23, 2010

Raindrops are Falling – Still?!

First, thank you so much for all your comments to yesterday's post. (Nancy, you shouldn't worry, but it was sweet of you.) In case you don't have time to read Part 3 of My Childhood Christmas in Sweden tomorrow (how's that for a plug and I haven't even written it yet) I want to wish you and yours a 

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday went fine, except that the dentist's office had water damage so I couldn't get my filling put in.  Still, I was kind of glad they didn't reach me in time to stop my trip to town. It was an adventure to say the least, beginning with the drive down the rescue's road to the main road that goes through the canyon. The mud was deep and so was the water in certain places. The main road was also flooded in several areas with water streaming down the hillsides and across the road. All went well and I picked up the turkey at my BIL's house, did my shopping, and stopped by my niece's place for a visit with my BIL's family, my nieces and grandniece. I dropped off a little present for her. Then I borrowed a bunch of DVDs from my niece's seemingly unending supply and drove back home in rain and hail. It felt so good to be home. The sun peaked out for a while before it was time for it to set for the night and I thought the rain would be over. So did those who are supposed to know at, but this morning it looks like this outside:

A fine rain is falling right now and the clouds look threatening.

I'm going to work on my Christmas blog for a minute, then bake my oatmeal bread/cake and make a Swedish dish of cucumbers in vinegar and sugar, with peppercorns.  And I'll find out if my husband wants me to do something with the turkey.

After that it's back to cleaning the dog run and finish up cleaning inside the house. And wrapping some presents for my husband tonight….getting in the Christmas mood.

I hope the weather is better where you are and that you all will have a nice day.


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