Monday, December 20, 2010

An Old Sock Brings Joy

Joyful, joyful, joyful,
as only dogs know how to be happy
with only the autonomy
of their shameful spirit. –Pablo Neruda

Angel: Hey, that's mine, I saw it first!

Angel: Don't forget who's the boss here.

Angel: What did I just say?

 Angel: What part of I'm the BOSS didn't you understand?

Samson: OK, OK, so I back off a little.

Samson: For all I care, you can have your old sock. I think I'll go and bite Soldier's leg instead.

Samson: What's up with him? He won't play with me either.

Samson: You old dogs can be sooo boring. What's a playful pup to do on such a rainy day? I guess I just lie down and wait for Angel to finish with that old sock. Then I can have a go at it.

Samson mentions the rain above. And, yes, it has now rained since Friday. A steady and wonderful rain, but also a rain that I am ill prepared for. I cannot remember a rain like this in the four winters I have lived here. I looked out toward the east this morning and saw that there was plenty of snow covering the tallest mountain I could see to the northeast. The others in the eastern range had some snow. I guess it snows right now between five and six thousand feet. If this had been a snowstorm, I would have been snowed in. Now I fear I may be rained in. I feel I have to go and get the mail this afternoon and that will give me a chance to check the road. I'm definitely not driving on it. 


  1. One of my other blogger friends lives in Calif. and experienced this non-stop rain too. What a mess! And hard to keep those pups amused when they're pent up for long days.

    Be safe out there!

  2. Poor Samson, nobody will play with him!

    4 days of rain? At least it was rain and not snow, this Winter is proving to be a real strange one!

  3. Rain and dogs means muddy paws! This is an adorable post. Pictures soooo cute. You are extremely clever.
    Have "present wrapping good week." xo xo

  4. You just need to get another dog to keep Samson company! Then you could get pictures of a real sock tug of war!

    Ugg, I can't imagine all that rain. It must be part of the storm that is battering the California coast.

  5. texwisgirl: The two older dogs are bored, but OK, snooze a lot. Samson gets stir crazy about 3 times a day, then he goes to sleep as well. Sometimes a dog's capacity to snooze is a blessing for their persons.

    Sharon: I would have loved for it to be snow.

    Manzanite: Thank you -- I tend to write better as an animal than as a person. Yes, mud is everywhere in my house. I just have to relax b/c I can't wash off 12 paws everytime they come in from outside.

    Louise: No more dogs for now, unless someone needs to be rescued. That's how they always come to me anyway. This is some storm, but after the boring summer weather here, a lot of fun for me.

  6. Your post made me chuckle--This morning I was looking for a sock that I know I'd pulled out of the drawer, I looked and looked for it and realized after a few minutes (okay several minutes) our girl Sheba was carrying it around in her mouth--She was following me around with it, I guess she was trying to tell me!!

    I hope your week is off to a good start, and that things dry out--I guess you won't be seeing the lunar eclipse tonight huh??

  7. Silly Samson. He is a crack up.
    Nothing like an old sock! :)
    Heard that parts of California is getting hit with some nasty winter storms.
    We have one going over right now. Lots of rain with snow every once in awhile. Ugh. The mud!!! xoxo

  8. Rainy days seem to be so long to me too, Inger! And my dogs get so anxious...they still want to go out and play so I put on my rubber raincoat and head outside with them. They are spoiled, too!...:)JP

  9. With all of the dog toys in the house -- socks are the favorite by far! So cute to watch the dogs go through their hierarchy rituals. Poor Samson must be low man on the totem pole. :)

    We will likely be getting your rain, only in snow form, come Thursday. Might make Christmas travel a bit dicey around here. What can you do?

    Have a lovely day, Inger, and enjoy the rain!

  10. You can buy them the most expensive toy and they'll still like the sock best.

  11. Dogs, cats, monkeys and kids are so easy and cheap to entertain. To bad we have to grow up.

    I hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas :-)

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  12. That's a lot of rain!
    My Clifford, who is a very good dog, took a sock out of the laundry pile and carried it outside! I was so surprised - he never does anything like that!

  13. I would not like all of that rain. Certainly be careful when you go out to check the road. Rain can really make a mess of things.

  14. My son over in Temecula, Riverside County is getting lots of rain too, but it's a steady gently rain he said.

  15. I love dogs and all their silly doings! Thank you for this! You've made me smile! xoxo

  16. We've had rain since Saturday here near Palm Springs. I drove up to the mountains to give my horses an extra meal (and calories) and drove up yesterday. It rained the minute I hit the mountain road (Highway 74)...more rain in the forecast. Horses are in mud, mud, and more mud, but they got their extra calories and are happy now!

  17. Yes, we have been seeing on TV about all the rain Calif. has been getting and I thought of you and wondered how it is going at your house. Now I know. Thank you for the cute post. Poor Samson. Reminds me of the hundreds of times, out of boredom, I asked my mother: What can I do? (She usually gave me a housekeeping task to do.:)

  18. It's nice that the kids can play together... poor gracie, when she gets bored she has to rely on us and sometimes we're not willing. I'd like for her to have a companion. Sounds like a wet Christmas for you, Inger. I love your positive thinking though. You call it a wonderful rain... where many might refer to it in a complaining way. Hope all is well. Stay dry!

  19. Poor Samson Inger! Nobody to play with. Maybe a younger dog is in order! That second photo is too cute.
    We are getting rain too! For three days now.


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