Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Samson Says: It's Raining Buckets of Water

Welcome two new followers of Desert Canyon Living, Dan Binder and Deb. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Samson Says:

I'm having such a boring day! It just rains and rains and nobody wants to be outside and play.

Angel, will you play with me in the house? Please, please…

Will you look at this weather, it's raining, it's storming and some white stuff is falling from the sky...what did you say, Mommy? Hail? OK, it's hailing too, so what's a dog to do?

Look at all that water – I hope we won't be floating away.

We're stuck in the house, so Angel we might as well just make up a game….

OK, if that's the way you want to be, I'll just make up some game of my own. Like biting your rear end! I bet you didn't like that, so why don't we play 'Steal Mommy's Shoe' -- you don't feel like it? Aww....

OK, I'll just play by myself --- this one's called 'Crossing the Abyss' -- I bet you didn't think I knew such big words, ha!

See, I made it! I crossed -- see Daddy was a mountain climber and he told me a few old stories and taught me some tricks..

Oh, oh! I guess he forgot to tell me how to get back. Woof, woof,  I don't think I like this, it gives me a kind of dizzy feeling….the abyss seems much bigger going this way.

Phew, I made it back in one piece. Climbing isn't as easy as it may seem.

Yawn, yawn….all that exercise made me tired so I think I go and take a nap now. I hope the sun shines when I wake up.

See you later everyone...have a nice day!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.


  1. So much energy in that pup, I'm sure he's a handful when he's pent up inside! I hope you get to dry out one of these days!

  2. It seems like for the last three week every time I look at the Weather Channel y'all are getting a big storm. Hope you dry out soon so you can play outside.

  3. You two guys are what I call gorgeous!!!! I see your friend in the background. He is handsome too. Gerry

  4. Inger, so so cute! She is one beautiful dog...and full of energy!
    Ihope you don't have to build an ark!

  5. Your dogs are so pretty! I hope they get a chance to get outside soon. I can't imagine all the energy they've stored up!

  6. It gets crazy around my house when the dogs can't/don't want to go out into the weather. Stay safe in all of the rain.

  7. thank you for the your has been raining here today...Rooster plays in it...

  8. Oh, poor Samson. It should be snow, shouldn't it? Then you could go out and play in it. I'm glad that you were able to make it back across the abyss, by the way.

    Inger, just how bad are you getting hit? No danger of mudslides in the desert, I would guess.

  9. He DOES have a ton of energy. I'm exhausted just watching;))
    Hope your rain (and hail) have let up:)

  10. The weather seems weird all over the country!

    Happy New Year!

  11. Hey Inger! You have green grass! How about that? Dreary days aren't much fun for the dogs, are they? Winter can be such a pain, when the dogs can't go outside and get exercise. Poor Samson!

    Cute pictures!

  12. Don't worry, Samson. That nasty storm is leaving you and coming to me! It looks like the rain and snow made your grass nice and green. It will dry out soon and then you can go out and play.

  13. Thankyou so much for a lovely read and pictures
    to go along with it ~ I do enjoy visiting you ~ Ally x

  14. What a great post. We are having rain also. I guess it's better than snow and ice.

  15. This reminds me so much of my mom and dad and their little dogs! LOL!

  16. Oh, Inger -- I love Samson's posts. They truly make me giggle. He's such a talened blogger. :)

  17. Oops, I meant "talented." Sorry Samson.

  18. Put that boy to work!! Teach him to carry things on command! When the weather is bad, it's the perfect time for indoor activities...:)JP

  19. Sweet! Samson is a real charmer. What would we do without our dogs?

  20. Samson Says: Thank you for reading and commenting about my adventures. Here's Mommy:

    texwisgirl: We play every morning then he is really good for the rest of the day. I know he needs a lot more and we'll be working toward that.

    Gerry: Thanks.

    Tracy: Samson says he's a boy. We will get more wet Sunday and Monday, so I hope we won't need an ark.

    Roundabout: We have snow now, so they have been out already.

    Farmchick: Mine have their after meals craziness then they are good for the rest of the day.

    Joe: I saw it's going to rain/snow Sunday and Monday. We did get snow last night.

    Deb: Samson doesn't mind the rain, but he gets so messy that I do.

    Louise: I don't know what would happen if we got flash floods. The house is at the bottom of tall hills. I think we are safe from mudslides b/c of the vegetation.

    Dawn: It turned to snow in the night. Yeah!!

    Lori: Happy New Year to you too.

    Sharon and Terry: I have snow now so Samson is out there now in his element.

    Ally: I'm so glad you enjoy visiting our blog.

    Beverly: We finally got some snow. It won't last long, which is why I think it is a lot of fun.

    Allison: Little dogs would work for me too. I seem to always find these big ones that need me.

    Nancy: Samson says thank you.

    JP: We had a big playtime this morning and training will start in the new year. Will let you all know how that goes. So far we're just working on the basics. But I know he can do so much more.

  21. hi inger! missed your blog - i've been out of computer land due to Christmas. hope it's clear and dry there now. wow, it's WINDY here today. looks like we're in for clear skies for a while. but, cold... have a wonderful day!

  22. Oh, Samson, Tucker understands your angst! He gets wound up like a spring when the weather is yucky and we won't go out to play! Hmmm, we were thinking of getting a playmate for him - maybe that's not such a great idea, or at least, maybe we should let Tucker "interview" candidates!

  23. Hi Inger just dropping in to wish you the best of health in the new year to your and all your family. Nan


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