Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brittle Bones and Other News From the Canyon

My plate runneth over.

Welcome two new followers: Carolina at cisnesyrosa and Terry whose blog myjourneywithcandida includes information about healthy food and supplements.

Talk about health, my friend Fran gave me this book: 

A very fun read and exactly the way I felt last year, right before my 70 th birthday. Now as number 71 approaches, I have had some setbacks -- no need to mention those again --and I'm not at all sure how I feel. I know it's a learning process, this being old business. So far I've figured out that acceptance is very important and so is cutting out the whining  I've indulged myself in during the past couple of months. For me, many other things need work: Exercising my shoulder, walking, building up my strength again, finding my misplaced energy and so on. And being creative, which may well be most important of all.

Do you see the meadow lark, balancing on top of the weed?

On Thursday, I saw the doctor and found out that I do have osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis, in my hip joints. Both of these were in the very early stages and that's the good news. Treatment is needed and as I talked to my doctor I was reminded it has to be covered by Medicare and my Blue Cross HMO since I can't pay that last portion myself right now. I know of a few good treatments, but now I need to find out what my insurances cover. The doctor suggested Fosomax (sp?), because it is a generic taken once a week. 

After the doctor's visit, I went to the library and borrowed a lot of easy to read books. Once again, I left my camera at home, which was too bad since the raven chicks in the nest above the K in Kern County Library sat there, black, sleek, and shiny and by now fully grown, checking out a world soon to be theirs. Yesterday, my husband and I drove by and I looked over and saw that they were gone. 

Early summer has finally arrived in the canyon. This year fields everywhere are covered in yellow mustard weeds, pretty but very invasive. Come fall, their kind of dry tumble weeds will cover town and country around here. At least the cows are doing their share in keeping it down a bit. 

A fall 2009 mess.

My husband has been here for a few days and will go back to L. A. next week. The dogs are fine and less bored now that daddy is home. It's interesting how they bond to the person who rescued them. Of the three only Angel is bonded to me; the other two are so daddy's boys. 

The three rabbit babies are still alive. They come out at dusk to eat and play, chasing each other recklessly around the yard. As I watch them, I think maybe they should be more careful. But I also see that they are learning and play-acting the evasive moves that may come in handy some day. And that's about all I have to report from here in the canyon. Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. well, its good to know why your spine problems came out of coughing too hard. at least now you can get treatment. i'm going to hit 48 this next month and i'm starting to deal with middle-age stuff... i'm not sure if we ever get comfortable in our own bodies. shame, isn't it?! when i was 20, i didn't know i was hot. 30? too busy to care. 40? it was already starting to get squiggly around the edges. now that i'm creeping up to 50, i wonder where the 'hot' girl went?! :)

  2. This getting older thing is the pits. Whine all you want to because I can so relate. You have a nice weekend too.

  3. it is good they caught it early...

  4. I have arthritis and have just been diagnosed with the beginnings of hip deterioration. I told the doctor I didn't want pills and I've gone to see an osteopath. Had one treatment last week and it helped conisderably to a few days. I've got another appointment this week and I'm hoping it's going to help without going on pills. Hope your treatment helps.

    I rescued our two cats in March when Mr A was ill and confined to bed. The cats thought this was wonderful - sitting on a comfy bed for hours on end - and have bonded with him to such an extent that I'm trying very hard not to get jealous.

    Take care.

  5. Kara Inger--As Deb said, it's good they caught it early. Kul att det funkar, for dyn lycka betyder mycket for mig. Aren't Viorst's books great? Skot on dig.

  6. My mom has osteopenia and takes supplements. I do hope you find a good treatment.

  7. I also hope you find a treatment that will help, and if this one doesn't, I hope you'll keep trying to find one that does! I also hope you're having a good weekend!

    By the way, for some reason I'm having a hard time picturing baby Ravens...

  8. The good thing is early detection. There are so many treatments available today.
    I'm a year ahead of you and find the older I get, the more attention I have to pay towards keeping the body moving. What used to be natural,now requires pills and planning. When I think of the alternative, things aren't that bad.

  9. Hello Inger, I always love your desert canyon pictures... it brings my heart to a quiet place for just a while.
    Now, will Fosomax prevent the osteoporosis from getting worse? Will it make it better? What about exercise? I know you like to stay active and I was wondering if that is a help in this osteoporosis and osteopenia. My last visit showed I had osteopenia, but it hadn't changed in 5 yrs... have you been taking anything for it up until now?
    I do hope you are feeling much better. Have a great Sunday!

  10. Sweetie look into that Fosomax, can't spell it either before you would consider taking it. My friend's granddaughter is in a suit about that drug, I'm sure it was that one. I won't go into details but it has some ill effects on patients one of them receiving 8 million dollars in the suit and my friends granddaughter is suppose to receive funds for what happened to her taking it. I'm turning 70 myself on Tue next week. I find that weight bearing exercises work better than pills. I work out with hand weights and have for many years. I have no trouble with my bones. I'm going to write about it on my birthday on my blog.

  11. Oh my! what an newsy post... and interesting comments. So glad at least one of the "children" is a mommy's pal.

  12. Glad they caught it early..and hoping you find a treatment plan you're comfortable with.
    With drugs, sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks..not exactly comforting, but researching will help you figure it all out.

  13. Now Judith Vorst is 80. Wonder what she would name her book today? So if the boys are Daddy's dogs, what do they do when he goes away? My bunny that lived under the shed disappeared. I suppose he didn't like Cody peering in at him.

  14. Inger, I'm 51 and I can remember vividly being 39 when I met Shane. Twelve years ago already! The years pass so fast.

    I think it's great how you keep up your blog and make sure we know what's going on with you, your hubby, your kids and your place.

    We'd sure miss you if you weren't here! :)

  15. Hi Inger .. glad you've found the issue - though the ageing process is a nightmare.

    Someone recently said to me - don't come off 'the pill' because it helps with osteoporosis and the other thing if I can find it - can't .. but I'll now be having a better look for it .. found the book on Amazon .. I know you haven't got this .. but there are some very good exercises and arguments in this book .. and it might be worth having a look at ..
    "Saving the Whole Woman: Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse" by Christine Ann Kent ...

    Both are just thoughts - other ideas ...

    I do hope you can get some relief .. with a hug and comfort thoughts - Hilary

  16. I dont know if this applies or not to anyone, but one thing I know i do in order not to hit "despair" all the time is to limit myself to reading the news only 3 times a week, internet included. The national news media wants to play up every awful thing, every lawsuit, every accident and illness and death and never the good unless its a tearjerker good to make high ratings. They make money off of this - and I dont want to play their game. Stress increases your cortisol, a stress hormone, that wrecks havoc on your body and mind, and ages you really quick...

    Theres so much good in the world, and my goal is to find as much as possible in a 24 hour period daily... :) If I concentrate on finding the bad, then I feel despair pretty quick! I started doing this about 11 years ago and I have found I even have more compassion now for others, since Im not on overload all the time!


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