Friday, June 3, 2011

Samson Tells Us How Our Moods Affect Our Dogs

Samson Says:

OK, so most of you know that people around here have been either sickly, stressed or in bad moods lately. I think I blogged about some of it last time. How did it affect us dogs? Well, as you can read here, all we did was tune out and go to sleep. Then they decided to get themselves together. Mommy decided to stop whining about her pains and Daddy decided to get happy again. The more they did it, the better they got at it. And all of a sudden, us dogs had fun again! We got to go on walks with Daddy and we had so much fun playing with him. Then he had to go back to the city and we were left with Mommy. Truth be told, us dogs were a bit worried. Would she pick up her whining again? I mean she can whine as bad as Soldier and he's the whiniest thing I know. But no, this morning she woke up in such a good mood and that got Angel and me going.

Come on old girl, let's play!

Come on Angel, where are you?

Come get me if you dare!

She dares, so round and round the coffee table we go.

Angel says, I'm getting tired, you young pup, you. Get down from my couch.

Then she escapes to the bed, where only she, the princess, is allowed. But I'm so excited, I follow her and Mommy is so happy to see us play, she doesn't seem to mind.

OK, so Angel is tired, but I have my doggie to play with. I've named her Gracie and I promise I will only chew on her very gently. And lick her ears, of course, that's my specialty with girls. I send xoxos to my real Gracie, wherever you are.

To the rest of you, I hope you all have a very excellent day!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed pup.


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