Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Snake -- A Cake -- My Bones and More On Followers and Comments

Now you
 now you

My husband is a snake magnet, for sure. The other day we saw three racer snakes in the yard. I saw two and this is the smallest one. I thought the photos were cute and wanted to share them. I know, I know, I'll be the one to think a snake is cute. Needless to say, my husband saw the "huge" one while I only saw the two smaller ones. 

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments about my bone predicament. The doctor (the one I want to change) didn't say a word about exercise. And now I know that without a doubt that should have been the first discussion point. So thank you so much for that. Hilary mentioned HRT therapy. I was on that way too long and ended up with estrogen driven breast cancer. So that's out, but I believe it helped keep my bones healthy. I will look into exercise in addition to treating this with drugs and supplements. I like homeopathic remedies too. It works so great for my dogs.

About my blogger/follower/comments project. I have read and commented on about 30 blogs so far. What this means is that if I commented on your blog in the past two days, I will not be back for another two weeks or so. I figure I have about 130 more blogs to check out and at 13/day it will take 10 days. Then I want to organize the information and work on my blog a bit. I am not really doing this project out of the goodness of my heart, I am just curious to find out who these people are. Before there are too many of them. People are so interesting to me and this will be a fun thing to do.

I cleaned up my computer and, low and behold, AOL sped up a lot, but Google Chrome still keeps on crashing. 

How I wish for a rotating feature for Blogger photos that end up like this.

I'm going to stay in and cook this morning. I plan to bake a cake/bread like the one in the sideways picture above. I also want to make spicy potatoes and something else, I forget what right now. I guess when one gets old, one has to return to the kitchen to recall what one planned to cook. Such fun!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hello Inger. Oh, that cake does look delicious... but those snakes> NO THANKS. When I was a little girl I remember taking a short cut through my neighbors yard and I dropped a dime on her cement steps. When I reached down to pick it up a Racer (at least that's what my dad said it was) appeared, quick and intimidating, out of nowhere. Needless to say, I ran home at lightning speed and brought my dad back to make sure all was clear before I picked up my dime. haha. Considering where you live, Inger, it is good that you do not have that fear of snakes as I do... Have a great day and give all the pets hugs for gracie and me.

  2. Kara Inger--I've found as I've gotten old that many things come as a surprise, including, but not limited, to what I was planning to do a few minutes ago. That's OK--I love surprises!

  3. i think the snake is cute too!!! :)

  4. I don't know Inger, I don't much like snakes...
    Cake sounds good though.
    Enjoy your trip through blogland!

  5. Now that's a post title that will draw readers in!

  6. I'm usually afraid of snakes, but these photos are really cute! Made me smile to see them, thanks for sharing.

  7. We have a little Corn Snake and I really do like it ~ it is very friendly ~ but I do not think I could cope with any old snake in the garden ~ Ally x

  8. I can smell a snake when one is near! They stink!

    HRT...not for me either. One of my cousins and my MIL both had estrogen fed breast cancer. I'll take my chances without it.

  9. I think I've told you how snakes are the one thing I am really really afraid of, and while I know there is beauty in them, I prefer to admire it from a distance!!

    I hope you've had a good day! Many thanks for your kind words for Hamlet--We'll be saying our goodbye's on Friday.

  10. i'm not a snake fan, but there is something cute about his little head peeking through the boards like that.

    and a sideways cake is better than none! ;o)

  11. I don't particularly appreciate snakes like I probably could, but those photos are great Inger!
    Good plan you have to read and react to your followers and their are so organized.

  12. Aw, I think he is cute. What an expression as he looks into the camera.
    You just stopped by so I will see you in two weeks.

  13. great snake photos...very humorous.

  14. Cute little guy. I saw a huge diamondback rattlesnake the other day - not at all cute, but rather handsome in a scary way.

  15. I don't like snakes.... Yes exercise is great for bones! You sound very busy!

  16. The snake is cute, but he looks sneaky!

  17. Love the Oat Cake... the snake... not so much. Glad you wear those over the ankle boots when you're out wandering about and might run into the "not so cute and friendly" kind. Enjoy the pleasant morning weather... as you know it heat is coming! We're scheduled for 102 next week.

  18. Oh Inger - you are sooo organized!!! the blog reading lists do get longer and longer, and it seems time gets shorter and shorter! thats my problem right there in a handbasket too!

    And you are right about exercise and bone buildup - and plus theres so many other benefits (heart, lung, circulatory, range of movement etc.) that comes with it too :) Id change that Dr in a heartbeat if they dont encourage healthy lifestyles on top of taking meds...

    And I love your little snake buddy - we hate to kill the rattlesnakes around here by the house and pasture as there are so many benefits too in having a snake population - keeps rodents and bugs down! you can tell we were raised that way also - its always "oh, theres a snake...oh darn it has rattles!" rather then "0h, theres a rattlesnake!"

    You must not have too many rattlesnakes by the house if you have the non-poisonous ones around - I heard that rattlesnakes will eat those guys as they are competition?!? yay non-poisonous snakes!

  19. Inger, I wanted to thank-you for your very kind and thoughtful comments you have left for me and Hamlet--They have always provided a much needed lift when needed, and the one you left today was very much needed. Please feel free to copy any picture you would like off my blog. ~Take care!!~

  20. Hi Inger .. not too keen on snakes .. are racers dangerous .. probably not I guess. I must investigate that cancer thing .. in the next few months .. now you've told me ..

    Re the photos .. I downloaded 'Irfan View' .. and you can fiddle with photos with that .. and I use it to convert .png or .gif photos to .jpg ..

    Good luck and enjoy your tour around your blogosphere and beyond I expect ..

    Do hope you can get some easing .. cheers Hilary

  21. Inger, my cousin just started HRT and I'm very worried about her. Hey, nice snake! We were up your way a week ago and stopped at the Tehachapi Loop and saw a train go through it...very interesting!


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